paper crafting

I did a card making day last week. It was wonderful. 
I haven't stamped in so long and it was a well needed day.

I made 24 cards in 4hrs, a record for me!

But my table has looked like this since

I do love it when my two hobbies collide.

quilt monday

When someone tells me their favourite colour is green, 
you make their quilt with all the green fabrics.

I absolutely adore how this came out.

I do have a funny story about this quilt. 
It finished HUGE. Like, giant. 
I wanted to make it smaller but the rows are assembled lengthwise and I wasn't sure how I could 'shrink' the quilt without taking the entire thing apart.

So I simply whacked off the one end of the quilt.
 It worked and if I hadn't said something, you would never notice ;)

quilted with Bright n Breezy

I  used the leftover greens for the binding and a warm flannel on the back.

Happy Monday!

modern vibes

6 weeks to Christmas and the quilts are coming in as fast as they are going out. I've noticed this year a big jump on modern themed quilts. 
Take a look.

This huge 125x125 chevron quilt by Joyce.

quilted with Swift

This stunner by Adriana 

I did vertical straight lines which turned out amazing.

Also by Adriana. 
More straight lines, more perfection.

This gorgeous one by Brenda

quilted with Contempo

Carol was lucky to get this one back lol.

quilted with Rectangle

The texture in this quilt now, stunning.

By Mitzy,

quilted with Daisies Galore

Also by Mitzy

quilted with Malachite
This one by Shirley 

quilted with Daisies Galore

And this stunner from Anna

quilted with Malachite


I've been making more leaf blocks for my TrueNorth quilt. They go together so quickly and I am just addicted to making them.

I laid out all my blocks the other day and decided to add a few non-traditional colours. 

And since I've taken this picture, I've pulled out 3 and added in 6 lol.

But I got distracted with a picture I saw online and this happened

So fun!! #makealltheleaves

quilt monday

I posted a sneak peek of this finished quilt a few weeks ago. This was the only grad quilt I made for 2019(yay). Summer got completely away from me and I didn't get it finishes until Labour Day weekend. When I realized that the recipient moved to university the day before #fail.

I am thrilled with how this turned out. The recipients favourite colour is purple and I really wanted to do a 2 colour quilt and a starburst pattern was the perfect pattern.

quilted with Hubby Love

I didn't like any of the backing choices there was at the fabric store so I went with a black check. A little bold but it showed off the purple bobbin thread fantastically. 

When I first started quilting it, I had chosen a different pattern. I ended up ripping out half a row and went with this one. An excellent decision.

The quilt has since been delivered and the recipient was ecstatic. I made one for each of her siblings and she was thrilled to get hers as well. 

Happy Monday :)

busy bee

I've been super productive lately in my sewing room.

Caught up on October and November TrueNorth blocks.

Received a few more blocks for my quilt.

I also found this fabric and could not resist making it into a leaf.

I finished up a special something.

And have an idea for something else.

quilt monday

Another jelly bean quilt
And this time, I made it right lol.

I made this for our bedroom. I did an update in it and ended up deciding to not hang a quilt back on the wall again. So weird!

I got to try out a new panto on it. could become a new favourite!

quilted with All that Jazz

I love how this quilt turned out. It's not my usually prints, colours yes.

Short and sweet today. Onto the next one!

Happy Monday :)

recent favourites

Enjoy these recent client finishes.

I love this modern one by Nicole

quilted with Rectangle

The quilting is a perfect accompaniment to the piecing.

By Celia. Absolutely adorble!

quilted with Lovely
So soft and delicate.

This gorgeous sampler by Trixie.

quilted with Flirtatious
By Jeanette

quilted with Spilled Ink

I love this quilt.

This fall lovely by Faith

quilted with Acorns and Oak Leaves

This fun cat quilt by Helen

quilted with Hubby Love

This gorgeous quilt by Darlene.

quilted with Folk Heart

The start of Christmas. 
This cutie by Hugette.

quilted with Christmas Doodle

I love this panto.

And also, this stunner by Hugette.
 This one was so hard to give back!

quilted with Kindling


Happy Thursday!

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