quilt monday

 I am addicted to this pattern for baby quilts and can not wait to make another one already.

quilted with Popcorn

So cute and adorable.

This kit had the cutest prints.

I scrounged up all my random flannel pieces for the backing.
It's a little crazy.

And how about this binding? 

Now I have a pair of baby quilts for a set of preemie boy twins to start.
They are the cutest!

Happy Monday

client showcase

 Melody has been a client for about 5years now. 

She does the most fabulous quilts and makes sure she uses up every single inch of a fabric which I respect and admire. 

Here's some recent quilts of hers.

How fun is this chicken quilt?

quilted with a meander

I loved this one.

quilted with Floral Meander 

It was a quilt started for one of Melody's children that she finished.

This log cabin quilt.

quilted with Loop the Loop

For her granddaughter

quilted with Winter White 

This denim quilt was fabulous.

quilted with Soho

This was one of my favourites.

quilted with Trailing Vine

I had to take a picture of the back.

I think Melody made 5 of these train quilts.

quilted with a meander

A snuggly flannel quilt with a fun quilting pattern.

quilted with Bear Moose Tree

I LOVED this one. She was lucky to get it back ;)

quilted with Camellia


This one was all leftover fabrics from various other quilts and she made it work.

quilted with Falling Leaves

One of my favourite things Melody does,
 is each and every quilt gets an embroidered label.

quilted with Funky Fleur de Lys

A fun country quilt

quilted with a meander

And lastly, for now, this tulip quilt.

quilted with Trailing Vine 

Thanks for keeping me busy Melody!

quilt monday

 This is the second to last grad quilt I'll be making for awhile. 

And, as always, I absolutely love how this one turned out.

This was such a great pattern to make. 
It went together very quickly.
 It's the Rockwood pattern by The Blanket Statement. 

The lighter fabric is actually a mottled grey/white depending on how the fabric was cut.

quilted with Bright n Breezy

I'm already thinking of other colour combinations to make another version.

As always, a warm flannel backing. 
This is one of my favourite backing prints.

Interested in one of your own?
 I still have some yardage of both fabrics to make up a kit or two.
 Or come up with you own fabric combination. 
You won't regret it.

Happy Monday!

show and tell

 Grab a coffee, I've got some great quilts to show you today!

Love this one by Melody.


quilted with a meander

Melody also did this tshirt quilt up for her husband's birthday.

quilted with a meander

These fun truck quilts by Shirley

quilted with Falling Leaves 

By Maxine

quilted with Linna's Charm

So pretty.

This one by Barb

quilted with Bright and Breezy

Loving this one by Anna

quilted with Daisies and Loops

I love this one. LOVE it.

By Eileen

quilted with Flirtatious

This stunner by Joyce

quilted with a meander

A fun one by Jeanne 

quilted with Swirl

This pretty wedding quilt by Kelly

This stunner by SaraBeth

quilted with Lotus Blossom

And lastly, this two lovelies by Nicole.

quilted with a meander

And this one

quilted with Easy Geo

Thanks for looking!

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