it's snowing

AGAIN! snowed this morning, monday and been coming down since dinner.

was heading to bed and i couldn't find Jim. here's what he was up too


M made this calendar for us at Christmas with preschool. here's the first few months of this year(the orange one is for March)

unclaimed blog candy

being offered over at Hope Stamps Eternal

*grumble grumble*

totally waited until the last minute to do my cards for the Stampin Up swap i'm in. i hate the cards. we are to use a SU set and lift the same card shown in the catty. i'm going to be a rebel and redo the cards lol! will post the *ugh* card and hopefully a better one later today

here's my card. i refused to take a picture of the ugh one-it was just too awful lol!! i was attempting to do the card for the *so sweet* set from the 05/05 catty

wordless wednesday

tempting tuesday!!

the last tuesday of every month, you will have a chance to win your choice of any card i have made that month and posted. all you need to do is reply to this post and i will have one of the boys pick a name later tonight.

good luck!!

**congrats to CLAIRE for winning this month's tempting Tuesday! thanx for entering everyone!!**

tasty treat

the boys love coming home from school to this cooling on the counter!

Strawberry Banana Bread
2 eggs
1/4cup oil
1cup sugar
1/2 cup strawberries
1/2 cup bananas

1 3/4 cup flour
1/2 cup rolled oats
2tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt

beat eggs until frothy. stir in oil, sugar, strawberries and bananas.

in seperate bowl, mix flour, oats, baking powder/soda and salt. stir to distribute evenly than add to first bowl. stir just to moisten.
spoon into greased loaf pan.
bake at 350 for roughly an hour

tune in tomorrow

for a new monthly feature here at QuiltNutCreations and your chance to win a fun giveaway!

quilt monday

another rooster quilt. and another kit quilt from Hamel's i love this quilt; the color, the layout, the flannel fabric. only thing i wish i had done was either make it a bit bigger or smaller. it's too small for a lap quilt and won't fit most spots on my wall where i hang quilts lol.

i'm still here

and exhausted. Jim, J and M are all on antibiotics. J and M both have bronchitis. A seemed to be on the road to recovery when he came down with another sore throat on Friday. B seems to be hanging in there-he's got a cold but nothing like the others had.

thankfully, other than being exhausted, i feel fine(thank God!) just in case, Jim switch travel weeks and is staying home this coming week and travelling the next 2 instead. he needs to be home as much i need him here. i think a week home is what he needs to get completely healthy again(he's been sick on and off since the middle of January)

did have a pretty good weekend. A and I went to see the Bruins game last night. it was fantastic! i really needed the time away from all the sneezing and coughing lol

sadly though, i got no stamping or quilting done :( i was hoping(planning lol) to get my Stampin Up swap cards done today but it wasn't meant to be. will tackle them tomorrow since they have got to be mailed Tuesday!

will leave this with you. baby quilt made for my cousin's daughter. i love how the stars make a diagonal chain through the quilt.

card friday

today's card is for my bestest friend as she is awaiting the birth of baby #5-and she's 6 days overdue!!


by Cindy's use of double-sided paper. the inside of the card is the blue polka dot paper that the HappyBirthday saying is stamped upon

i was going to save this for a quilt Monday

but since i want to make something else for this spot, i thought i had better get a picture of it now before it gets put away

i made this quilt about a year or so ago. it was ridiculously easy to put together. to me it completes our bedroom

i took a picture of the back so you could see the detail of the quilting. mom did an absoulteyl amazing job of this quilt. she did feathers in the border, stippled all the white sections, did a wave in the blue and a swirl through the black border

edited to add that mom is mortified that i took a picture of her quilting where she ran over some stitches lol! sorry mom!

Thursday 13

Thirteen of my Favorite Roosters

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late night stamping

have been working on this card all day but between requested mommy snuggles from M and helping A and J get their missed schoolwork done, i just got it finished now. and truth be told, i had forgotten about it until one of the cats came running into the family room with one of the pieces stuck in her fur. i was in the process of taping the layers down when the phone rang. i left the tape exposed when i went to get the phone and forgot about the card lol

wordless wednesday

a lift and a challenge

i had already been thinking of lifting this card that Stamping Therapy had highlighted on her blog on Sunday when this challenge was posted on a stamping list this morning.

the saying stamp is from Digital Princess and one of my favorites. this is the first time i have tried doodling-i need more practice!

Bella blog candy

check out Alex's blog

happy birthday dad

today he turns 62 (and his sister turns 60!)

we've been invaded

with the flu! Jim had it beginning of February-lasted 2.5 weeks. Saturday A came down with a fever, coughing and sneezing hit Sunday, J started the cycle yesterday and when M went to bed last night he was feverish. and Jim is sick AGAIN(at least he's back at work this week lol!!)

spent most of the day yesterday cuddling and making juice and jello(lol) today i'm hoping i can get some stamping done since i didn't do any on the weekend. have a bunch of ideas running through my head and have printed off a few card maps that were posted off various stamping lists so i'm itching to start playing!

Bella madness

i've been sucked in lol! a friend and i wrote our order list up tonight and sent it in(saved on shipping that way too!) i can not wait to get my pretties in my mailbox!

and if you have no idea what or who Bellas are, fall in love here

quilt monday

bought this kit at Hamels and it's one of my favorite wall hangings

winner of my weekend giveaway.....

dh picked the #9 and that is Cindy Keery!

congrats Cindy, will get that off to you.

HUGE thanx to everyone who entered and all the great comments and compliments. i will do another giveaway again soon

we had fun!

spent the day up on the Sunshine Coast with Jim's dad, stepmom, both brothers and their families and his sister. we had a blast! it really was a wonderful day

here's a picture of all the kids-all 9 of them! there is our 4, Jim's next brother Joe has 2 boys and the only girl(so far!), than Peter has the 2 youngest(and they plan on more lol)

card friday

and you thought i was going to forget ;) lol

for Jim's birthday tomorrow and i absolutely love how it turned out. i watercolored the leaves and what i decided would be stems lol. used my new paper shredder(how fun are those!) and my paper peircer. happiness stamp is from the SU warm words set (i've used this set on every card i've made since i got it). ribbon from Michaels

another blog candy weekend

at imagine. dream. create. good luck!

in honor of Jim's birthday

i'm going to have a giveaway this weekend. i will send the winner this rooster card and a few other goodies. all you need to do is comment on this post and let me know when your birthday is(don't have to tell the year lol) and let other's know of my giveaway.

will have Jim pick a name on Sunday the 18th.

rooster stamp is an Anne Griffin stamp and i purchased him at Micheals :)

baby baby

got the baby quilt quilted for my cousin's little one.

this quilt was super fast to make and quilt. i used a pattern by Dave Hudson called interlocking shooting stars and i love how easy the pattern was to use

Thursday 13-better late than never!

Thirteen of My Favorite TV Shows

1. Amazing Race
2. Survivor
3. Judge Judy
4. Trailer Park Boys
5. CSI-all 3 of them
4. Family Jewels(when is season 2 starting?!?!?)
5. 2 1/2 Men
6. Rent A Goalie
7. Holmes on Homes
8. Vancouver Canucks Hockey(yes its a show!!)
9. Reba(can't believe it's been cancelled )
10. Desperate Housewives
11. What Not to Wear
12. Without a Trace
13. Flip This House(the A&E version)

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what a blah day

maybe its the sugar crash from yesterday but felt like doing nohting today. mom dragged me out(had to finish Jim's birthdya present shopping) we went to Hamels and i got the sashing and border fabric for my thangles quilt

can't wait to get this quilt done-it's going to look fantastic.

and thanx to mom dragging me out to the mall, we got to hit the Valentine's clearance chocolate at Purdys!

yup, it was monday

was having the typical monday. destroyed two batches for bread dough(forgot a cup of flour in the first batch, the paddle thing in the second), washed a pair of Jim's dryclean only wool pants. the topper? running to get the phone and catching my little toe against the door frame. 2.5 hours in the clinic later and yup, its broken. i break a toe every summer-last few years more than one toe lol. i normally don't go to the drs for it but this time, my toe was crooked. that was fun i tell you.

now i'm ending the day off with a BIG piece of homemade chocolate cake. yes, cake from scratch lol

quilt monday

a little late today. why you ask? get ready for it-i went to the gym! YES! i haven't been in... well, i'm too embarrassed to say, but i went and it was sooooo great to get back. i miss feeling the *burn* lol. i'll be sore tonight that's for sure!

so here's today's quilt-my mitten tree

and one more

before the Grammies start

heated crayons

besides the fact it took FOREVER for the ink to dry, i really like how this turned out

technique attempts

thought i would try two fun techniques-melted crayon background and heated pearls. not impressed with the results of either one lol!

here's my heated pearls attempt-i also did it on white cardstock but the black was the better of the two

and the melted crayon-i may still use this one

another weekend, more blog giveaways!

check out these blogs and good luck!

Poetic Artistry

Lu-La's Corner

Sarah and the Stampstars


Ink A Stamp

Stampin Mama

i love love love

my Anne Griffin rooster stamp that i bought last weekend. i used it last night for the first time(had an absolute blast stamping with 2 friends. and this time i even got some things done lol!)

i adore how the card turned out;
the detail is just incredible

also made a quick Valentine's day card for my mom and dad
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