a lift and a challenge

i had already been thinking of lifting this card that Stamping Therapy had highlighted on her blog on Sunday when this challenge was posted on a stamping list this morning.

the saying stamp is from Digital Princess and one of my favorites. this is the first time i have tried doodling-i need more practice!


Anonymous said...

Sure doesn't look like any 'doodling' I do!

It's beautiful Rhonda!

Anonymous said...

Hey again - in answer to your question - go sign up with sitemeter - the link is at the very bottom of my site - the little coloured box. Then you can see who visits your site and where they come from!

Although it doesn't really give you an exact location - your IP reads as Shaw Cable from Calgary. Mine is telus from Burnaby, so I think it's where you main router (or something) is with your internet provider. And you can see where they come from - Heather always comes from her site, Crunchy comes from hers, and so on.

I just happen to know the family's IP addy's so I can keep track! lol

It's neat to see how many hits you get a day and where they come from!

Creative Expressions by Stephanie said...

Ohhh that turned out very nice...beautiful card!!!

Allison Rankin said...

I really like this card...simple but it stands out!

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