sewing time

I have had a very productive last few days; it has been fantastic to get some quilt tops finished and have time to start new ones.

I bought a charm pack on a whim(I seem to do that all the time lol). I didn't have any real plans for it so I thought I would just play and see what happened. I knew I wanted a new table runner so that was my end goal.

I had a sewing day on Saturday(been way too long and it was so much fun! can hardly wait for the next one) and I completed this top.

I was catching up with some blog reading when I saw this post from CluckCluckSew.
An evening later, I had this.

I love it so much. It is super easy and quick to put together; you still have time to make one, or two!, before Valentine's Day.

Lastly, I finally got this quilt top finished.

Boy3 was ecstatic when he got home and saw the top finished. And it's not a small quilt, it measures roughly 50x80. (you can get the pattern here).

Looks like my unquilted quilt list just got bigger!

I love

How quiet this January has been for client work. Gives me a chance to get some of my own quilts finished up and to enjoy the client quilts that have come in. Here are a few recent client finishes.

Jeanne brought in a bunch of quilts last January and asked for 1/month. Than she brought in more lol.
I love this first one. So much work involved.

quilted with Fleurs

How fun is this one?

quilted with Luau

And a great scrappy quilt.

quilted with Floral Meander

I love this one by Hilde.

quilted with Erin

For Wilhemina 

quilted with Loop the Loop

Sheila made this one for her husband.

quilted with a meander

Victoria made this one for her daughter.

quilted with Swirl

The details are so special.

Lastly, this one by Iris

quilted with Cat's Paw

I love how the backing looks!

quilt monday

Mailing day was on Friday for the Schnitzel and Boo mini swap. I will admit that I took it right to the last minute for mailing; almost didn't make the mail.

I couldn't love these more.
 The mini houses(Dwell by ThimbleBlossoms) is absolutely adorable.

I waterstitched this one to make sure all those seams laid flat.
The binding was a perfect match and I found it in my stash. 

The full-size Dwell block I kept the quilting simple and just ditched it.

Super cute. It reminds me of those peppermint striped candies.
Now I wait to see what my partner thinks. And I can't wait to see what I get!

mini madness

I signed up for a mini swap with Schnitzel and Boo; over 900(!!!) people signed up for this round. Craziness!

I debated long and hard over what to make. I had an idea and did a test block but it would have made the quilt way too big even with using mini charm squares. So this is what I came up with.

I used the mini Dwell pattern from Thimble Blossoms. And once I made the mini(it measures 13x19inches) I knew I had to make a 'full size' house block from the Dwell quilt(in Simply Retro).

How small are those mini blocks?

But oh so fun to make!

quilt monday

January is traditionally a slow month for our client quilting. I look forward to getting to finish some of my own things and getting the odd client quilt finished. 

I spent a day last week and quilted a bunch of things for myself. One I finished was(is?) my mini moda love quilt.

I wanted the quilting simple and went with my trusty water-stitch. I love how it doesn't take anything away from the piecing.

I was lucky and found some fabric in my stash that matched the reds and just completed the quilt.

I've been on a real mini quilt quick lately. Look forward to showing you what I've been working on.


Carol is one of my favorite clients. Most of the time she brings in a pile of quilts with the instructions-call when they are done! The odd time she requests specific quilting but mostly leaves the choice up to us.

Here is the latest batch from Carol.

quitled with Stars and Clouds

Love this baby quilt.

quilted with Cotton Candy

quilted with Stars and Loops
quilted with Daisy3

These next two were both quilted with Flames.

No, I didn't double post this one; Carol loves making doubles of the same quilt.

quilted with He Loves Me

quilted with Popcorn
And some Christmas ones.
quilted with Mini Starflower

quilted with Mini Starflower
One of my favorites and a very popular kit in this area.

quilted with Timeless Hearts

Now this next quilt. I quilted a similar quilt for Hamels a few years ago. Since October, I have had 16 people contact me regarding where to buy the quilt lol. If you are interested, the kit can be purchased here. To see the quilt I did for Hamels, click here.

Carol wanted the quilting simple so we went with a meander.

Can't wait to see what Carol brings us next!

post Christmas sewing

It seems that every year I finish(or start lol) some Christmas sewing for myself. Last Christmas(2013) I picked up some charm squares which I rediscovered earlier in the fall. When I discovered that I had 2 packs of charm squares, I knew exactly what I had to make.

Christmas Round&Round!

I really wanted a dark background. Many fabrics auditioned and this green won. I'm still not sold on it but it's growing on me.

The blocks are huge; roughly 23inches. They take a while to make but it does make the quilt go together quickly. Make sense? lol

I also splurged on a mini charm pack and went super simple. I find that after a large quilt, something quick and simple is the way to go.

Now I get to start something not so simple ;)

quilt monday

Happy New Year! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. We had a great holiday; I will admit I am sad that it's already time to get back to routine.

I discovered a forgotten charm square pack that I had bought last Christmas. I wasn't sure what to make with it but than I saw the Moda Love Quilts(the link has directions for the quilt using layer cakes, charm packs or mini charms) and knew it was perfect.

The fabric is In From the Cold and is really cute. I kept the quilting simple; simpler than I had originally planned, and just water-stitched all the background pieces. The solid pieces really puff now and I am still debating quilting those as well.

I had a Kona solid that matched the green fabrics and it worked perfectly as the binding.

And because I had a mini charm pack, I made another one.

This one I put together a little differently and I love how you they look so different and yet it is the same pattern. Think I'll have to get a layer cake and make a bigger one!

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