snow days

We had a holiday yesterday. I had all these quiltie plans in mind. And instead, I got zero sewing done. Absolutely nothing. Good thing I got some things finished up during the snow days we had last week. And did I mention it is still snowing? Love it!

I finished up this kit from Christmas.

Looking forward to snuggling under it this coming Christmas.

I got caught up on my TrueNorth blocks.

I was a wee bit behind again lol.

And I started something new.

Bring on more snow days!

snow days

It's been snowing off and on the past few days. Since yesterday afternoon, it's been more on than off. Yay! So I've gotten to spend some time with my sewing machine. Never a bad thing!

I started a JellyBean quilt with a jelly roll of PB&J.
Unfortunately I read the directions wrong and ended up with two smaller quilts instead of one big one lol.

I wanted a new Valentine's Day quilt and ended up with this.

And started something new.

Now back to the sewing machine!

quilt monday

Who doesn't love pineapples? 
I love how this turned out, so cute!

I could not love this more.

I kept the quilting simple and stippled.

I need more of these in my life :)

And the blue binding.

Happy Monday!


I love how by just changing fabrics, the same quilt can look so different.

Susan and Denise took the same sampler class and brought both their quilts in for longarming.
This is Susan's.

Isn't it gorgeous?

quilted with Knit1 Purl2

Susan added some embroidery to two of the blocks.


Denise made her quilt for her parents.

I used a panto that I have never used before and absolutely love how it turned out.

quilted with Yodel

The texture is amazing.

Can not wait to use this one again.

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