production line

got to do exactly what i planned today-nothing but quilting! i have my sister in laws Christmas present almost done; just have to take it to mom's to quilt. i also finished off two projects i had started waaaaaaaaay back in the spring. i'm so thrilled with my day! take a peek!

quilt shows and stamping stores

went to a local guilds quilt show today. i just love looking at all the quilts. i got a beautiful Christmas panel that says Joy to the World. i don't often buy panels but for $5, i couldn't resist! i also found a beautiful Christmas quilt kit pattern that i am going to have to buy myself for my birthday. it will go just perfect on my living room wall :D

after mom and i went to the local stamping store. $70 later, i have the materials mom wanted to make 100 Christmas cards. where can you buy Christmas cards for 70cents each? she picked a card design the store had already done up so my job is actually quite simple.

i've been spending the rest of my day working on my sister in laws Christmas present. i may post just a peek of it later tonight. she reads my blog as well and don't want to spoil it for her!


A had his adenoid surgery today. he did fantastic-i did really well(passed out in the OR after they put him under lol)

We are both exhausted-had to be at the hospital at 7 and i am NOT a morning person. Glad its over and he's doing well. I'm looking forward to a quiet weekend of quilting and stamping!

i love new toys

we recieved a HUGE box of new threads today at the store(and more coming tomorrow!!) i wanted to try out some of our new machine quilting thread(you should see all the yummycolors)

well, i am in LOVE! i got a beige/tan varigated. here's a bit of the quilt i am quilting tonight in the thread. going to have to go get one of each now lol!!


i joined a card swap a few weeks ago and have been eagerly awaiting it to arrive back in my mailbox.

well they arrived today, and i have to admitt, they aren't what i had expected! i've seen some of these stampers previous works and am surprised at what was sent.

this was the card i submitted. and i was thrilled to get one back since i had forgotten to scan it when i made them

pumpkins pumpkins everywhere

took the boys to the pumpkin patch today. it was a zoo! had a great time; weather couldn't have been better!

headed to Micheal's after(i hadn't been in one since Boxing Day!!!) and drooled over all the Christmas items. actually bought some Christmas ornaments-can i put the tree up now? lol!!

have to admit

3 weeks ago, we were offered a dog. long story short, mom had told them that we would take her. so we did. we loved her. even B, with his dog fear, after the first day, you couldn't keep him away from Bailey.

sadly, Bailey lasted a week. Pepper(the biggest suckiest cat you will ever meet) wasn't adjusting well. the little *gifts* in very unfavorable spots wasn't making for a happy mommy. so we took Bailey back.

the past few days, i have really missed her. missed her excited bark when the boys come home from school. how she loved nothing more than to go outside and chase the squirrels on the back fence, toss the fallen leaves in the air and roll in them. hearing her little claws going *click click click* on the floor. i wish we had stuck it out. i really miss her :*(

learning curve

mom decided today was the day i was going to learn how to quilt her big quilting machine. i knew how to run her old one-this is a new, fancier(more expsensive lol!!) machine. i always have people ask me about it so i took a picture of it. you have to follow along a pattern with it-you just can't set it to go and walk away.

have to admitt, that was stressful! i did one *tester* baby quilt and did pretty good. it was a simple pattern. i had a baby quilt mom had just finished up for me and i decided i wanted to quilt that. so smart ass that i am, i picked a harder pattern. i did get the hang of it towards the end, but it was pretty nerve racking there for a bit. i'm not thrilled with the quilting-i love the quilt and think the quilting is too obviously a beginner. but its done. now to find a baby to give it too lol!!

*****due to popular demand, lol, here are the 2 other circle baby quilts i've made. the pastel one was the first, the noah's ark one i made for my cousin Shelley's newborn Caleb

another day

come and gone. made the mistake of thinking i could run out with the boys and get haircuts for them and some groceries and be back with enough time to get some quilting done. what was i thinking?!?!? got home with just enough time to make dinner and race out to see Open Season(cute but no where as good as Over the Hedge) of course peeking(mocking me!) from the mailbox-my SU Christmas stamps *sob*

i've had a few ideas for my Christmas cards running around in my head. i'm madly trying to get my quilted Christmas gifts done so i can get stamping. having a job is really interferring with my crafting time! i've been lurking on different stamping blogs and am sooooo jealous of the beauties that have been posted. i just need time! more time!!

Pro D day tomorrow

and sooooo looking forward to not having to rush out the door in the morning! M has preschool still but they are going on a field trip later in the morning. planning on spending the rest of the day, and the weekend lol, finishing up a baby quilt and if i'm lucky, starting on my Christmas cards. that is if my new stamps arrive tomorrow-hurry up Canada Post!!!

here i am

i've been debating about doing a blog for a few months and finally decided to get one going. i have needed a place to share my latest stamping and quilting creations and various pictures of the kids without overflowing inboxes lol. so this is the beginning; thanx for tagging along
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