Oh baby

 It feels like every time I get a batch of baby quilts made and given away, there is another baby boom! Currently I have 3 baby girl quilts to make for people in my life. yay for pink!

The fabrics in this absolutely did not pick up right in this picture. The plus' are a soft mint green and the darker is a beautiful lilac grunge.

Blue and orange; can not get enough!

The cutest little butterflies and grunge yumminess.

Can you tell plus quilts go together the fastest?

And lastly, one of these for me!

quilt monday

 1300 2.5inch squares.

 And barely made a dent in my stash.

Sorry for the terrible pictures, 
it was pouring rain when I needed to take these pics and space was limited.

I love how the memories some of these older fabrics bring up.

I kept the quilting simple and went with a meander.
When this gets washed, the crinkle is going to be amazing!

I scored some wide backing on a clearance sale

And to keep things simple, used it for the binding as well.

I've made 3 of the postage stamp quilts now and STILL have a large bin of 2.5 inch squares. Do they breed in there??

Happy Monday :)

quilt monday

 I bought this quilt kit at an after Christmas sale December 2018. My goal was to have it finished for Christmas 2019. Instead I started it on Boxing Day 2019 and had it finished for NewYears 2021. Which is funny because the wall I made it for no longer exists as a result of our renovation. 

This is the Winterville quilt
The actual quilt is much larger, this is just the middle of it.

I quilted it with one of my favourites, Holly Ribbon.

These cute holly leaves.

I had just enough left from this bolt of backing to finish it off.
And how about that striped binding?

Happy Monday!

it's been too long

 We started a renovation January 5th and my sewing room turned into our kitchen. I had precut three projects out before I packed everything up with the hope/plan of having some spare time. But nope. I finally had a chance to sit down over the weekend and I didn't just get one quilt made, I got two!

You know how much I love a good chevron baby quilt. 
And even better, this was all stash fabric.

And I even managed to use the leftover bits to make a second. 
Yay me!

Now to find to quilt them lol.

And finished up at the perfect time because this beauty of a package was delivered today and I can not wait to get started on it.

quilt monday

  I started this quilt way back in November with plans to have it ready for Christmas. Well, Christmas came and the top was done but it wasn't quilted. That happened on Boxing Day. And before I could get the binding done, the wall I made the quilt for came down in a renovation that in the past few weeks, has grown bigger than we initially planned.

Isn't that what always happens?

I adore this quilt. Absolutely adore it. 
The fabric was an amazing pull by Shari at Road 17n and it was perfection.

I wanted to keep the quilting soft and used one of my favourites, Dragon's Breath.

I love the checkerboard in the middle.

And the red binding.

Now I have to find a spot for it for this Christmas :)

Happy Monday.

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