i had someone ask me

What do I do with all my quilts?

I do have them all over the house. I begged Jim to not get rid of our old entertainment center; I love how the quilts looked stacked inside.

I have quilt racks; 2 of them now.

One filled with comfy, well-loved quilts.

The other with newer quilts for our bed.

I have a very large rubber bin with seasonal quilts and table runners. I usually swap my wall hangings and table runners every few months. In fact, I'll be swapping them when I get home again.

My favorite quilt storage spot of all is the liquor cabinet. It's a part of the dining room set we got from Jim's grandparents. And I knew once I saw it what it would be perfect for.

And when these spots fill up, I part ways with some of my quilts. I routinely go through and get rid of ones that I am bored of or they don't match how I've painted anymore.

And than I get to make more.

quilt monday

2 Martinique charm square packs +
1 Disappearing 9 patch tutorial +
2 meters sashing fabric +
straight line quilting =

That I love, I mean L-O-V-E this quilt!!!!

by Donna

Donna works for us at both LongArm Supplies and Quilted Cats Hideaway as our bookkeeper. She is also an avid quilter and most of the quilts she makes go to various charities. When I first started longarm quilting, Donna brought me the charity quilts to practice on.

This star quilt has to be one of my favorites. I love the quilt pattern and the colors were/are just stunningly vibrant.

I love how the pattern looked on the backing.
Quilted with Floral Meander.

This one is for a friend's anniversary.

Again, the backing. Love it.
Quilted with Stetson and Boots.

Lastly, Donna requested a daisy pattern for this Bali pop quilt so we went with Daisies Galore.

as you are reading this

I am flying high over the Canadian Rocky Mountains heading to Calgary for Quilts Canada. The show runs Tuesday April 27th to Saturday May 1st. I'll be in booth #306, Quilted Cats Hideaway, right beside APQS' booth.

So if you are in the area, come out and say hi!

And I'll be back on the 3rd. I'm looking forward to meeting new friends, seeing old ones and spending time with my brother and sister in law as I stay at their place.

I've scheduled some posts for while I'm away; enjoy! And see you in 9 days!!

snack saturday

strum-along guitar cake

1 pkg. (2 layer-size) cake mix
3 cups thawed Cool Whip Whipped Topping, divided
8 drops blue food colouring
1 tsp. yellow food colouring
5 pieces red string licorice (16 inch)
9 Fruit Flavoured Mini Marshmallows
1 Oreo Cookie

PREPARE cake batter and bake as directed on package for 13x9-inch pan, lining pan with foil sprayed with cooking spray before adding batter. Cool cake in pan 15 min. Use foil handles to transfer cake from pan to wire rack. Remove foil. Cool cake completely. Cut cake into pieces as shown in diagram. Discard cake trimmings or reserve for snacking. Arrange cake pieces on platter as shown in photo to resemble guitar.

TINT 1 cup Cool Whip with blue food colouring; spread onto top and sides of neck of guitar. Tint remaining Cool Whip with yellow food colouring; spread onto remaining cake.

CUT 1 licorice string into 2-inch lengths. Arrange 6 pieces on neck of guitar for the frets. Decorate with all remaining ingredients as shown in photo. Keep refrigerated.

weekend fun

Saturday Cindy and I spent it together. It's been awhile since the two of us had done that I was really looking forward to it.

We made a couple stops here and there "in the big city".

I added to my nail polish collection; admitting I have a problem is the first step right? lol

Than it was off to the Abbotsford Sewing Show.

We peeked at the few quilts on display. There wasn't a lot which was disappointing but it was a sewing show, not just quilting.

We did a make and take at the Stampin Up booth.

We both got this cute embroidery kit. Cindy finished her's Saturday night. It will probably take me a year to complete mine lol.

Than Cindy treated me with lunch. So yummy.

A brief stop at Hamels for some fabric to finish off a new quilt top.

And than home where Jim surprised me with a BBQ steak dinner with all the trimmings. It was a wonderful day!


PS I Quilt's disappearing 9patch

make life

Bradie over at Quiltcetera is giving away this layer cake. So hurry over and enter. Or don't and let me win ;)

quilt monday

Almost ran out of time on this one. Yesterday was my cousin's house warming. I quilted this on Thursday and started the binding Saturday night. Quickly got the last 2 sides done yesterday afternoon before we had to head to the party. Close call! I really didn't think I would get it finished in time.

I love this pattern; I've used it before with a jelly roll for myself. This time I used a Bali Pop and I will probably never use another; the strips weren't cut even widths and the fabrics were not color fast(I did warn my cousin that she probably shouldn't wash it!)

I do love how it turned out. I couldn't decide on a border so I left it off.

Quilted with Watercourse.

snack saturday

sugar shack maple-walnut cheesecake

16 Maple Leaf Cookies, finely crushed (about 2 cups)
1/4 cup finely chopped walnuts
1/3 cup butter, melted
3 pkg. (250 g each) Brick Cream Cheese, softened
3/4 cup maple syrup, divided
3 eggs
2 Tbsp. walnut pieces

HEAT oven to 350°F.

COMBINE crushed cookies, finely chopped nuts and butter; press onto bottom of 9-inch springform pan.

BEAT cream cheese and 1/2 cup syrup in large bowl with mixer until well blended. Add eggs, 1 at a time, mixing after each just until blended. Pour over crust.

BAKE 45 to 50 min. or until centre is almost set. Cool completely. Refrigerate 4 hours. Drizzle with remaining syrup just before serving. Sprinkle with remaining nuts.

i love wednesday's

It's my day off every week. And today it was a beautiful, warm sunny day.

I spent some time with a new book,

And had my favorite tea, in my favorite pot with my favorite mug. And yes, it was looseleaf tea; another favorite.

Did some baking,

And started a new quiltie for me.

I have a few pieces to still cut out; I love it so far.

wordless wednesday

Oriental Beauty

I loved the fabrics that Solange chose for this quilt. The lighting doesn't do the fabrics justice at all.

And the backing fabric? LOVED IT!

Quilted with Fanciful.

back into stamping mode

I've really missed it!

not a quilt quilt monday

Hello hello!

I was planning on having a newly finished project to show for you today but we ended up with a very fun-filled weekend. And no time to quilt!

Saturday was filled with a work-bee at church and a youth fundraiser. They sold Krispy Kreme doughnuts; I don't want to think of how many we've eaten since!

That evening it was off to my friend Andrea's for a girl's movie night. We watched the movie Twilight in Forks. It was excellent if you are wondering.

Before the movie, we had to get some puppy snuggles in.

The puppies are 5(6??) weeks old now and absolutely adorable. Andrea is looking for homes for the puppies if you are interested!

Of course we had great food. Can't have a girls night without snacks.

I made a red velvet cake. It was pretty good; the icing was way too sweet though.

Sunday we went off to the Agassiz Tulip Festival. This has turned into a spring ritual for us and as always, it did not disappoint.

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