end of the year wrap-up

Was going through my photo's and realized I have a lot of customer quilt pics that I haven't shown yet. So grab a beverage, sit back and enjoy!

Pieced by Anne
Flowing Feathers

Pieced by Audrey

Floral Meander

Folk Heart

Pieced by Rose

Shooting Star

Rose also did this photo quilt for her grand-daughter.

And these two cute SunBonnet Sue quilts

Floral Meander

Winter White

Winter White

By Donna; I love this panel

Winter White
Pieced by Gail

quilted with a simple meander


Folk Heart
Pieced by Shirley. The flattest stack n whack quilt I have ever quilted!

Autumn Leaves

Pieced by Gerry

Winter White

Gwen's beautiful cat quilt.

quilted with a meander

Pieced by Margaret 

Folk Heart
quilted with a meander
quilted with a meander

Flowing Feather

Clinging Vine

Pieced by Pat


Pieced by Myrna

Shooting Star

Pieced by Barb
Fay Feathers
I absolutely love the backing for this quilt.

Sadly, I failed in recording the name this customer quilt.

Autumn Leaves

And lastly, this beautiful custom quilt by Judy.

block insets

shell border

*whew*! I told you December was a busy quilting month lol! Hope you enjoyed the quilts as much as I enjoyed quilting them.


How was everyone's Christmas? We had a great holiday here. As busy as it can be, I do love it all. The family get togethers, the dinner parties, the food, it's all fun! But now all the out of town guests are gone, the leftovers are mostly eaten and it's time to relax for a few days before the hustle and bustle of work and school take over again.

Christmas 2011

Yesterday I finally got reacquainted with my sewing machine; oh how I have missed it. And the fun we had!
I finally got the borders on this baby quilt. 

please ignore the water spots

It's been finished since July and just sat waiting and waiting for the border. Now it's finally finished and all in good time as we had a new little one enter our family just before Christmas.

Never up, mom's Christmas present that I gave up on getting completed before Christmas. 

The pattern called for the quilt to be in reds and greens. Mom is not a red and green person; regardless if it is Christmas. I thought if I pieced it in her colors(I raided her batik fabrics to make the quilt); I could still pull it off. 
This is the quilt from the magazine 

I tried mom's quilt with the snowflakes and it just doesn't work. And I love the quilt without so it is done. Now how to quilt it. Any ideas?

Next up, Dad's quilt. The idea of this quilt came about 3yrs ago. I had the fabric all shoved into a plastic bag in my quilt kit bin and each birthday and Christmas since, I have said I would finish(start lol) the quilt. This was the year!

Sadly, I used the main focal fabric in a different project and I didn't have the pattern anymore so I sort of winged it. I had the quilt together, was sewing the final border on it last night when I realized, I could make it a wall banner so I ripped it apart, turned some blocks around and now we have this.

Can't wait to get this quilt so Dad can hang it in his music room.

I traced out some Santa wallhangings that I was planning as giving as gifts. I completed 2, the other 3 were just traced. I got those finished up; now just to blanket stitch them.

Aren't they cute? Here's one of the finished ones.

Lastly, a winter wallhanging for work .

He's been cut out since the beginning of December and now all ready to be quilted. And we can finally take the autumn wallhanging down lol!

Whew that was a long blog post! Enjoy the rest of the holidays, see you next year!

Merry Christmas

Christmas 2010

 I won't be around much next week; planning on spending it relaxing with friends and family. 
We wish you joy and happiness this holiday season.

Merry Christmas.

3 days to go

And I'm putting away the unfinished gifts and just going to enjoy the rest of the pre-Christmas excitement. I met up with my friend Andrea earlier this week and I gave her this wreath 

The colors are perfect for Andrea's house. I used a different shaped wreath this time and I love how it looks so full and dimensional. These make such great gifts.

back-up plans

I had a wee little accident yesterday involving my travel mug of tea and my sister in law's quilt. Should I mention that the quilt is white? *sigh*.  A few treatments of Grandma's Secret Spot Remover didn't work. Bleach didn't work. So I abandoned the quilt and went to my back-up plan. I was going to finish this quilt originally for Erica because I didn't think I would have the white one done. But I got the back-up plan quilted(bound it last night and popped it in the mail this morning) and mom surprised me with the news that she got the tea stain out of Erica's original quilt so I will get that finished up and mailed off to her in the new year. Yay for moms!

In the end it all worked out. I got a phone call from Hamels yesterday; they had one more quilt, could I possibly get it done?

quilted with Laurie

The pattern is a Coach House Designs pattern. Barb has a book coming out in the Spring; mom and I quilted all the quilts in her book. One of the quilts I did was chosen to be on the book cover; so exciting!

quilt monday

Christmas holidays; love them! We all slept in this morning; except for Jim. He's working until Wednesday than off the rest of the year. I finished 2 Christmas presents off last night and am heading over to work today to quilt the third. I'll have to show you a sneak peek before it gets mailed off tomorrow.

Here are the teacher gifts for this year.

Smaller than I had expected but that was good since it took no time at all to get these cuties appliqued and quilted up.

Happy Monday :)

annnnnnnnd it's a wrap!

I got the last two customer quilts done this afternoon and that wraps my year of quilting-woo hoo! I am shocked I got them all done and on time even! To celebrate, a friend and I made these little cuties this afternoon.

tutorial can be found here 

I added this  
subway art printable here 
I love how it ties into my new Christmas colors this year.

don't take a picture on the piano when someone is playing the piano. 

card friday

quilt monday

I was hoping to have a new Winter quilt finished to show you today but I spent the weekend doing our Christmas cards(they are DONE!) so not a lot of sewing time. I did sneak in some time Saturday evening but that isn't finished yet either lol.

So another table runner to show you. I have two more in the works then I am finished with my table runner craze. At least I am hoping to be finished with them!

quilted with Bountiful Feathers

I just realized that I never got a picture of the runner all laid out. Sorry! It's a disappearing 9 patch using a charm square pack of Grace. Love that line!

Today is the start of my last week at work for the year. And a long week it will be. If all goes well, knock on wood, I'll be finished all the quilts right on time for Friday. Than it's time to enjoy some time off!
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