a quick update

Turns out the B's lump was an infected lymph node in his neck. He ended up on IV antibiotics(they end today and he starts regular antibiotics) The drs still aren't sure how or why it happened so B may need a few more tests while he recovers.

As for me, I saw the dr yesterday and he ordered me to spend the next 3 days in bed. ugh. And just to make things a little more exciting around here, we have no kitchen lol

i need to take a break

I am still not better. I did so good for mom's party, took it real easy yesterday and today, I'm almost back to square one. I have zero energy. Daytime tv sucks(seriously and we have how many channels?) We were supposed to be on holidays today but had to cancel them as I can still barely stand up straight. I'm sick of laying down(and it hurts, my whole body hurts)

And to make it even more fun(do you hear the sarcasm?), B came out of his room and told me that his mosquito bite had gotten bigger. Huh? He has this HUGE lump on the side of his neck(and it's not a bug bite but a swollen lymph node of some sort). Jim rushed him off to the clinic who immediately sent him to the ER. Last I had heard, B had had blood work and some chest xrays and was waiting to be seen by the pediatrician on call.

This may go down as the worse summer ever for the kids. I feel like such a bad mom. And could these be anymore of a pity post??? :(


Today is mom's 60th birthday. We threw her a surprise party last night(she knew. Has anyone ever been successful in surprising someone?)
These are the invitations that a friend and I made for the party(thanx again Deana!) and I also used one for her card.
If you would like to wish her happy birthday today, her blog is here

JELL-O Fruit and Cookie Dream

1-1/2 cups strawberry yogurt
1 pkg. (85 g) Strawberry Jelly Powder
1 cup thawed Whipped Topping
1 cup each: blueberries, raspberries and sliced fresh strawberries
6 OREO Cookies, chopped

MIX yogurt and dry jelly powder in medium bowl until well blended.

ADD whipped topping; stir with wire whisk until well blended.

SPOON layers of yogurt mixture, berries and chopped cookies alternately into each of six dessert dishes. Store leftovers in refrigerator.

card friday

for my brother and sister in law who are celebrating their 5th wedding anniversary today

i've been tagged

Debby tagged me to tell you 7 things about me

#1-I'm double jointed
#2-my dream job is still to be a photo journalist in Vietnam, Laos, Thailand area
#3-I'm scared of heights
#4-when I got my nose pierced last year, Jim didn't think I was really going to go through with it until I came home with it done lol
#5-I want to skydive(yes, I know what I said in #3 lol)
#6-Jim and I have lived in this house the longest of all the places we've lived(and that is 5ys out of 15yrs married)
#7-I'm actually really really shy in real life

wordless wednesday

i'm sick

and it truly sucks! Jim and all 4 boys have had colds on and off since the end of June-two of the boys have ended up with bronchitis and on antibiotics. It's been awful! And yesterday, I was so tired yesterday(late night Sunday attempting to scare some raccoons out of a tree in our backyard. The noise they were making! And they retaliated last night by eating one of our frisbees) But yesterday afternoon, the shakes and the chills hit me accompanied by a lovely fever *sigh*

So today has been a quiet day-I've laid around reading and doing some piecing. I'm currently working on a Winnie the Pooh quilt for a co-workers of Jim's. I'm hoping to finish it up today

quilt monday

This is an old one. Made for one of my nephews. I had originally bought the fabric to make pjs but instead it lived in one of my fabric bins for about 7years lol! I had so much I ended up with 2 quilts out of it

quilt challenge finish #3

Here is my third finished project for Peg's quilting challenge. Quilted using Chinese Crescents

I also whipped up this panel for my cousin's son who is turning 4 tomorrow and a BIG Cars fan. I used the quilting pattern Inkblot

snack saturday

Chocolate-Berry No-Bake Cheesecake

2 squares Semi-Sweet Chocolate
2 pkg. (8 oz. each) Cream Cheese, softened
1/3 cup sugar
2 cups thawed Chocolate Whipped Topping
1 Pie Crust (6 oz.)
1-1/2 cups halved strawberries

MICROWAVE chocolate in small microwaveable bowl on HIGH 1 min; stir until chocolate is completely melted. Set aside.
BEAT cream cheese and sugar in large bowl with electric mixer on medium speed until well blended. Add chocolate; mix well. Gently stir in whipped topping. Spoon into crust.
REFRIGERATE 3 hours or until set. Top with strawberries just before serving. Store leftover pie in refrigerator.

quilt challenge finish #2

well, except for the binding lol! I got this quilted today(used an old pattern called Turnabout) This is a Carola pattern(once around the block) using a charm square pack and a jelly roll

And check out Peg's blog to see how others are doing on her challenge as well

edited to add, here is the website for Carola's Quilt Shop where I got the quilting pattern and fabric for this quilt Carola's

Christmas in July

this is the quilt I made mom for Christmas. I had no idea how to quilt it, so she got it just as a flimsy. I was thinking she could show me how to quilt it after the holidays.

Instead, she asked if she could quilt it. She finally got around to it this week. It looks fabulous!

great surprise in my mailbox today

My friend Janet sent me this lovely card and a fabulous Bella Fairy stamp as a thank you for some quilts I gave her. Thanx soooooo much Janet!

wordless wednesday

can i keep it? please??

I absolutely LOVE this quilt made by Barb. It was fabulous to quilt(all straight and flat. only trouble i had with it was when I ran out of top thread lol) And it is simply BEAUTIFUL. Maybe she'll forget to pick it up tomorrow lol!

win this quilt

over at Old Red Barn. I would wish you good luck, but I want to win ;) lol!

i love this set

from Stampin Up

quick and cute

One pack of charm squares, some quiet time and we have another finish. I used At Water's Edge by Moda and the pattern is This and That

The pattern calls for some appliqued flowers but I decided not to do them. I also did a fourth row of blocks to make it a little wider. edited to add, this quilt measures roughly 16x28

quilt monday

for my nephew

this old quilt

Jim's grandma gave me this quilt a few years ago. It has been pieced by hand. I have no idea what to do with it. I'm currently trying to discover who in Jim's family made it(i think it was his dad's great grandma)

snack saturday

Viennese Chocolate Mocha Freeze

8 squares Semi-Sweet Chocolate squares, divided
2 1/2 cups whipping cream, divided
1/2 cup MAXWELL HOUSE CAFÉ, Suisse Mocha Instant Coffee Beverage Mix
1 pkg (200 g) chocolate wafer cookies

MICROWAVE 7 squares chocolate with 1 cup (250 mL) cream on HIGH 2 to 3 minutes; stir until chocolate is melted. Stir in coffee powder until mixture is smooth. Cool to room temperature, stirring occasionally.

WHIP remaining cream; gently fold into chocolate mixture.

SPREAD 1/4 of the mousse onto bottom of a 9 in (23 cm ) springform pan. Layer 15 cookies over mousse. Repeat layers 2 times more ending with mousse layer. Freeze 4 hours or overnight. Let sit 30 minutes at room temp before serving.

MELT remaining chocolate & drizzle over cake.

sew a thon night five

Sorry the picture isn't the best, maybe it's a sign I should be in bed? lol

Cindy and I got together again tonight for night 5 of our sew a thon. I continued to work on my Dandelion quilt while Cindy started something new(check out her blog to see)

I'm hoping I can find some fabric to match in my stash that will work for borders as this fabric isn't available until the fall. I do love how quickly this came together

no sew a thon tonight

We went shopping instead lol

Here's a quilt I finished for Hamels The fabric is from Moda's new line, Posh. Quilted with the pattern swirl

sew a thon night three

I took a break tonight from my Dandelion quilt to work on my Moda Bistro quilt. I started this quilt in June, got the blocks finished than put it away. The pattern called for a piano key border made from the leftover jelly roll strips. I wasn't too fond of the idea so thought I would pick up some yardage of my favorite print from this line. That was when i discovered that this line isn't available until September!

After tossing around the idea of a wide black border, a skinny black border, I've opted for no border at all. I also *created* two extra charm squares by sewing a jelly strip together to make an even amount of blocks so the quilt would be more square.

This is my second finish for Peg's 5 in July Challenge as well.
Don't forget to see how Cindy is doing with her quilt

love this card

yay for me!

Peg sent me this badge since I have finished my first quilt for her July challenge. Thanx Peg!

wordless wednesday

sew a thon

Cindy and I have our kids in soccer camp this week so we decided to get together and each do a quilt(follow along with Cindy's progress on her blog

I decided to use my Dandelion Girl jelly roll. I was originally going to do the quilt pictured but I changed my mind-too much cutting in the first one lol! The quilt I am doing is from the Strip Delight jelly roll book.

. Tune in tomorrow(and each night this week) and watch our progress

quilt monday


I'm not a big fan of this quilting pattern that the customer picked for this quilt but did it ever look fantastic when I was finished! She did a great job for her first quilt

more baby cards

everyone seems to be having a baby! I still love these long cards. This next one is really missing something. I probably should have stamped the background-it just seems too plain

snack saturday

Rocky Road No-Bake Cheesecake

3 squares Semi-Sweet Chocolate, divided
2 pkg. (8 oz. each) PHILADELPHIA Cream Cheese, softened
1/3 cup sugar
1/4 cup milk
2 cups thawed Whipped Topping
3/4 cup Miniature Marshmallows
1/3 cup chopped Peanuts
1 OREO Pie Crust (6 oz.)

MICROWAVE 1 of the chocolate squares in small microwaveable bowl on HIGH 1 min; stir until chocolate is completely melted. Set aside.
BEAT cream cheese, sugar and milk in large bowl with electric mixer on medium speed until well blended. Add melted chocolate; mix well. Gently stir in whipped topping, marshmallows and peanuts. Coarsely chop remaining 2 chocolate squares; stir into cream cheese mixture. Spoon into crust.
REFRIGERATE 4 hours or until set. Store leftover pie in refrigerator
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