summer time

Grad was last night. I am now the mom to two high school graduates. Huh? lol How are they old enough? How am I old enough?

Crazy small grad class this year. Another reason why private school is so awesome.

With school now being out, things might be quiet on and off here. I'm not taking the summer off work-wise. Especially when I get to quilt stunning quilts like this one from Ginger.

This is just the back; check out the front!

Ginger made this for her daughter and son in law's wedding anniversary. Isn't it gorgeous?

quilted with Flirtatious Leaves

Happy Summer!!

quilt monday

Earlier this year, I quilted a quilt for a client and got the idea to make quilts for our friends children that were graduated. I asked the students back in February what their favorite colours were and went from there.
This was the first quilt I finished. His favorite colour is teal and orange.

I absolutely love the 3D effect that this quilt has. And the fabrics??

I absolutely love(LOVE!!) this print.

I quilted Square Dance. I love the squares on the rectangles.

Now to get the last one finished!

it's been a tough week

Debra pieced this lovely quilt.

quilted with Daisies and Loops

The fabric reminds me of Beauty and the Beast.

So lovely.

My cousin's son passed away suddenly last week. I have been swamped helping plan a funeral for a 15yr old. I honestly can not think of anything worse to go through. Please keep them in your thoughts.

quilt monday

Secret sewing is almost finished (whew) and since some of the quilts have been delivered, I can start sharing them.

A few years ago our church asked if I could make a quilts for two graduates of the Bible school associated with our church. And it seems this will be a trend that will continue lol.

For this quilt, I got to be sneaky. I called the recipients cousin(who I was also making a grad quilt for lol) to find out the favorite colours. Than I found the most perfect fabric.

Paradiso by Kate Spain

Unfortunately, the day I took this pictures was horribly rainy and the colour isn't accurate. The quilt is more pink/fuschia and teal than red.

I love how the quilting works with this quilt. A perfect accompaniment.

quilted with Dazzle

I didn't have enough of the solid fabric to finish the binding so I took the few layer cake squares that I didn't use in the quilt and worked them in on the binding.

I still have a wee bit of secret sewing to finish. Stay tuned!


 Tomorrow, I will become the mom of two!!! high school graduates. Grad is in full swing here; we have 3 grad ceremonies this weekend, 2 graduation parties and a 50th wedding anniversary party to attend. As a result, I've been busy.

There should be five in this pile. One has already been secretly delivered and one still needs finished!

Alice made this T-shirt quilt for her recent grad.

quilted with a meander

Some great T-shirts!

Such a perfect backing fabric too.

Milan made this one for her daughter.

quilted with a meander

This one by Shirley; stunning.

quilted with Dazzle
Shirley bought the variegated fabric in Alaska on a cruise.
Absolutely beautiful!

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