long weekend wrap up

 I can't remember the last time I got this many projects done in a weekend!

A very late grad quilt for my nephew.

I loooove this one.

And these adorable baby quilts.

Hope your weekend was a good one as well.

quilt monday

 I posted about this quilt almost a year ago, May 20th in fact, and now it is finally finished.

My Landmark quilt.

This was a quilt along by The Blanket Statement the ran January and February 2021. Right as we started a 4 month long reno. Not surprising I didn't get it finished lol.

I used prints from Basic Greys Cider line. 
We all know I have a thing for blue and yellow quilts.

quilted with Whatever

I had a two colour version of this quilt done up for a 
sample in the store, it looks so different.

Happy Monday!

merry christmas!

 Too soon?

 Too late?

Here are some of the Christmas quilts I longarmed last Christmas and this year.


Such a fun one from Anna.

quilted with Christmas Doodle

Also by Anna,

quilted with Mittens

And also this one,

quilted with Christmas Doodle

By Melody

quilted with Starlight

This lovely one by Arlana

quilted with Treetop

Jo did these next two, both quilted with Christmas Doodle.

Margaret made up this Christmas panel.

quilted with HollyRibbon

Linda did this Christmas table runner

quilted with a meander

This lovely flannel one by Nicole.

quilted with Mittens

Super cute!

By Brenda

quilted with WinterWhite

I love these gnomes by Sharon.

quilted with WinterWhite


How cute are these snowmen by Gerri?

quilted with WinterWhite

The backing, love!

Also by Gerri

quilted with WinterWhite

And by Shirley,

quilted with Winter White

Thanks for looking!

now in stock

 Hibiscus by Riley Blake!

You can find the prints here.

quilt monday

 Going back to fall of last year for this one. 

Have been playing catch up on some baby quilts and now I need to find some time to piece some new ones.

This one I one of my absolute favourites.

There is so much I love about this; the pattern, the fabrics, the pieced binding.

I went with a fun panto.
 I'm always surprised at how this isn't more of a favourite for others.

quilted with Sprung

I'm not a fan of pieced backings on quilts I give away, 
but I'm learning to use what I have.

Happy Monday!

client spotlight

 Because I am soooooooo far behind in posting client quilts, I'm going to spotlight/showcase a few clients who I see more regularly.

Today, it's all about Monica.


Melody's quilts are usually more on the modern side. 

And a lot of them are favourites of mine.

quilted with Parchment

I love this one

quilted with Christmas Doodle

The colours in this one are perfect.

quilted with Apex

Such a fun pattern.

This pattern is one of my favourites to do, Square Spiral.

Blue and yellow quilts. 

We used the Lush Leaves panto on this quilt.

Another leafy themed quilt.

Quilted with Greenery

This was a fun one.

We used the funnest panto, Moose, Bear and Deer.

It's hard to see in the picture but if you squint, you can make it out lol.

We used Bright and Breezy, another favourite, for this quilt.

Such a great panto.

I love these gnomes.

quilted with Mittens


Monica just brought in more quilts to have finished up so you'll be seeing more of her work soon.
Thanks for looking!

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