long weekend fun

We just had  a long weekend, Family Day. 
I was thrilled to get to spend some time with some fabric.

I decided to make a baby quilt for a teacher at school and wanted to use just stash fabrics.

While pulling fabrics for that, I got sidetracked by something else.

And started a (late) Valentine's day quilt.

A very productive weekend!

quilt monday

My leaf block obscene continues. 

This quilt occurred by accident. I was pulling fabrics for my bigger leaf quilt when this grey fabric fell out of my cabinet and love!

The fabrics I used in this might be some of my favourites.
 That black leaf?? Perfection.

But this orange?

I wanted a swirly, windy feel to the quilt so I used Flirtatious for the quilting.

I didn't plan to quilt this as soon as I had finished the top. 
But it turned out, I had a piece of batting the exact size I needed 
and this piece of fabric was perfect for the backing.

I think I need another.

playing catch up

Usually January is a quite month for longarming for me. Except for this year. My quilters have been keeping me busy and the quilts they are piecing? Stunning. 

Here's a few.

This quilt by Mitzy.
 I absolutely adore this quilt.

quilted with Winter White

Love it.

This fabulous one by Geri.

quilted with Mini Starflower

These snowmen.

This fun one by Linda

quilted with Star Dance

I love this one by Nicole.

quilted with Novaya Zhizn

Julie kept me busy with all these great table runners.

quilted with a meander

quilted with Trailing Vine

quilted with Floriana

How cute are these bunnies??

quilted with Daisies Galore

This adorable quilt by Shirley.

quilted with a meander

This stunner by Tanya

quilted with Hubby Love


By Diane

quilted with Flirtatious

And this stunner by Tilly

Now back to work!

quilt monday

I was procrastinating the other day and was rummaging through my fabric stash when some inspiration hit. 

So quick and fun! 
And the perfect new quilt for our kitchen table.

The white has a shimmer to it, so pretty when the light hits it.

I fussy cut the border so the I love you, is all in the correct direction.

I wanted to keep the quilting simple,
 so I used my favourite heart panto, Folk Heart.

The simplicity is perfection.

Happy Love Week.

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