playing catch up

Usually January is a quite month for longarming for me. Except for this year. My quilters have been keeping me busy and the quilts they are piecing? Stunning. 

Here's a few.

This quilt by Mitzy.
 I absolutely adore this quilt.

quilted with Winter White

Love it.

This fabulous one by Geri.

quilted with Mini Starflower

These snowmen.

This fun one by Linda

quilted with Star Dance

I love this one by Nicole.

quilted with Novaya Zhizn

Julie kept me busy with all these great table runners.

quilted with a meander

quilted with Trailing Vine

quilted with Floriana

How cute are these bunnies??

quilted with Daisies Galore

This adorable quilt by Shirley.

quilted with a meander

This stunner by Tanya

quilted with Hubby Love


By Diane

quilted with Flirtatious

And this stunner by Tilly

Now back to work!

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