quilt monday

 You had to know I wouldn't have let this sit long without getting quilted.

Like the other one I did, I went with a simple meander. 

Had enough of my favourite Ruby Star print for the stars.

I'll probably end up regretting using this old bunch of muslin for the backing.
But it was the perfect amount and I didn't want to have to wait to get some widebacking.

Funny story about the polka dot binding. I was opening a fabric order and may have caught this bolt with my exacto knife. Oops. 

It is perfect though.

I love how it greets you when you come inside the shop.

Happy Monday!

the shop

 I mentioned last week that I opened a quilt store, here's the details!

We built the store in our backyard.

We moved my quilt machine inside, yes I'll still be longarming!

2 quilts my great grandma made, the bottom one my grandma made for me in the 80s.

Some of the fabric shelves.

Have you heard about the BC flooding? 
The rest of my fabrics are stuck on the other side of the flood :(

I love the back wall. 
And the perfect spot for my machine.

The store is open Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 10-3, by appointment.


 Yesterday was my birthday and I made myself a little something. 

This goes together ridiculously quick which makes it even better. 

And the pattern comes with a Minnie pattern too.

And I gave in and had a kit made for something new.

worded wednesday


Introducing QuiltNut Creations longarm quilting studio AND fabric store.
Opening Monday Nov 8th, 10-3pm.

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