Linda came to us about 7 years ago. She spends part of her year here in BC and the other part back East. She quilts the entire time she is here than wants everything quilted before she heads back across the country. 

These are Linda's latest.

First, a little mini
quilted with Mod Dots

I love Linda's take on a Bargello. 

She used 3 different panels for this quilt.

I did a meander in the body of the quilt and a poinsettia pattern in the borders.

This next one, it was hard to give it back lol.

quilted with Spin

I love how the quilting works with the quilt; so pretty!

I customed quilted this next one. It was also hard to give it back to Linda.

I water stitched in the red border around all the flowers and in all the background on the pinwheels.

And a ribbon stitch in the sashings. 
The red pinwheels just popped!

A quick, easy quilt.

quilted with Cotton

And a sweet baby quilt.

quilted with Laurie

quilt monday

Just a quick, little quilt to show you today. I have a bunch of finished quilts that I need to get pictures of; I've been busy behind the scenes.

I bought a mini charm pack on a whim and one afternoon I was bored so I just made this up. 

 I kept the quilting simple and went with my water stitching; I love the look on mini quilts.

The solid is actually a print; a tiny polka dot.

And of course I had to go with a red binding. It might be time to put this one away and bring out a more seasonal appropriate one. I dont' care that it's Christmas prints; I really love it.


And I don't mean the space ones ;) lol.

Yesterday, I had the whole day ahead of me for some sewing room time. And not a clue where to start or what to work on. I have been doing everything I can to avoid starting this for Boy4.

I will say, some of the piecing instructions on that scare me a little bit!

I didn't want to start a new project, I really do need to get the Dalek done, so I  opened up my UFO bin and dived in.

I  dug out a quilt I started roughly 5(possibly even longer) years ago. It was a class but I never finished the quilt for two reasons; so many steps to get the block done where there are faster, easier ways to construct it and more importantly, the class was advertised as the quilt finishing as a 72inch square when it is actually for  a queen sized bed-useless to me. I did consider buying more of my fabric to make the quilt a king size but we had to scrap yardage together just to get enough fabric for my kit.

I had a good stack of melons already ready to apply to my blocks so away I went. And soon I discovered that I was short yardage to cut out the last 6 background blocks. argh!! Luckily, I had enough yardage of a matching black print and I was able to get the last blocks cut.

 I have way too many melons to finish prepping for the last blocks but I got such a great (re)start on this quilt! I am planning to still make it queen sized. What will happen to it after that, who knows!

Happy Thursday! 

quilt monday

It might be February but I'm still playing with Christmas. I managed to get this Christmas quilt quilted.

First, this is the pattern, I didn't put the appliqued snowflakes on it and to me it seems more Christmas without.

Someone else really likes the quilt.

I had just enough snuggly flannel for the backing.

I also changed up the corners and put a charm square in the corners of a 4patch.

I quilted wed it with one of my favorite Christmas pantos, Holly Ribbon.

I have two more Christmas kits left to do. Maybe I'll finish them for this Christmas. Maybe.

Happy Love Day

It's been a quiet week here on the bog. Sorry about that. We had a holiday on Monday and it feels like I have been playing catch up ever since.

I did keep busy this week. I made this fun, quick and easy quilt Monday afternoon.

pattern can be found here

I won a card-making class and got to do that on Wednesday. It was sort of fun but at least I got to spend some time catching up with a friend. 
We only got to make 2 cards each(and yet the class was valued at $50. There is no way). This was my favorite of the 2.

And in honor of Valentine's Day,

pattern can be found here 

So quick and easy you could still make one up today.

I couldn't decided on a binding and one of my boys said go with the red. 

quilted with Folk Heart

Happy Love Day


Jim texted me this picture earlier this week

My Schnitzel and Boo mini swap arrived! And all the way from Australia!!!

Renee spoiled me; look at all these goodies! She even included stamping stuffs for my cardmaking.

She stalked me so well. I had pinned this bag pattern on pinterest and she made it to match the mini quilt she sent.

And my mini.
Love it!

Sheila and I were friends before I became her quilter. Sheila and I are currently doing a swap; I'm binding a quilt I quilted for her

And Sheila is going to make me a little something.

Some very special friends are moving up North from us. It's sad to see them go but so excited for this new adventure life is taking them on. 
I wanted to give her a gift so I spent yesterday making her some cards to take with her.

We had a so long lunch today. Not goodbye because we know we will see each other again!


Lorie is one of my favorite clients. 2yrs ago she suffered a stroke but is still able to quilt. I love going and picking up her quilts and getting in a little visit; she is so sweet!

Lorie's grandson wanted a quilt for Christmas. He picked the fabrics and Lorie did the piecing.

quilted with Bright and Breezy

Love these fabrics.

Lorie also did a bunch of table runners for gifts. I took her width of backing and instead of cutting it up for each runner, I put them all on at once.

So much easier than loading each runner separately!

I meandered the top floral one and for the daffodil one, we went with the panto Belladonna.

  Had to go with Holly and Poinsettia for the Christmas runner.

And Antique Lace on the last one.

Another favorite client is Nancy. She always does the funnies quilts. This first one was inspired by a denim jacket that was getting worn out.

quilted with Clinging Vine

Nancy took the jacket and built the quilt around it.

I quilted the panto on the quilt except in the embroidery. In that square I did a tight meander. And to just punch it up a notch, I did the quilting in a vivid red thread so it stood out more on the denim.

And this one. Hands down one of my favorite quilts Nancy has ever made.

quilted with Bright and Breezy

Absolutely love.

For her grandson.

quilted with Flames

This last one of Nancy's, a stunner.

quilted with Star Swirl

Looking forward to what Lorie and Nancy create in 2015!

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