Jim texted me this picture earlier this week

My Schnitzel and Boo mini swap arrived! And all the way from Australia!!!

Renee spoiled me; look at all these goodies! She even included stamping stuffs for my cardmaking.

She stalked me so well. I had pinned this bag pattern on pinterest and she made it to match the mini quilt she sent.

And my mini.
Love it!

Sheila and I were friends before I became her quilter. Sheila and I are currently doing a swap; I'm binding a quilt I quilted for her

And Sheila is going to make me a little something.

Some very special friends are moving up North from us. It's sad to see them go but so excited for this new adventure life is taking them on. 
I wanted to give her a gift so I spent yesterday making her some cards to take with her.

We had a so long lunch today. Not goodbye because we know we will see each other again!

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Zanymouse said...

Such great gifts, lucky you!

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