here, there, everywhere

 How is today the last day of September already? 

We travelled almost the entire month of September; went on the most random of road trips up to Prince Rupert BC. We were then home for 3 days before we headed off to the Kootenays. 

But now, we are home. And soon I have some exciting news to share. 

But not just yet ;)

As a result of all my vacationing. not a lot of sewing has been happening but I have found time here and there to sneak in some quilting.

I got a very late start on a grad quilt for this year. With all the grad quilts I have made the past few years, I have yet to repeat a pattern. 

And I think this one might be my all time favourite.

I picked up a quilt kit to make a quilt for Boy2s birthday.

And I did manage to get 3 quilts finished for Rising Mama Collective.

Turned out to be a somewhat productive month afterall.

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