one sheet wonder

did a bit of stamping tonight and thought i would start a one sheet wonder. the background is actually off-white, unsure why it scanned with a yellow hue to it. the stamps i used were the first ever stamps i got-5 years ago from a Stampin Up info evening. will post what i do with the sheet tomorrow

here's 2 cards i made with the sheet. i'm tired and uninspired lol


mom bought this cute wallhanging a few weeks ago. she started it on the weekend and i finished it this afternoon. you take an ornament off each day as you countdown to Christmas

again? *sigh*

The Rules:
Each player of this game starts with the 6 weird things about you. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 6 weird things as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to leave a comment that says you are tagged in their comments and tell them to read your blog.

Weirdness #1: i'm double jointed in my hands, feet and toes

Weirdness #2: i have a memory like an elephant. drives Jim absolutely nuts the things i remember(and he wishes i would forget lol!)

Weirdness #3: i have broken at least one toe every summer for the past 9yrs. broke one so bad this past summer that my toe nail doesn't grow(stop looking at my feet)

Weirdness #4: does this count as weird? i am ALWAYS late. i think its in my genes. all my clocks are set ahead and yet i am 99% late everytime i leave the house. probably no big surprise to anyone who knows me lol!

Weirdness #5: i'm keeping this one from Lisa because i'm petrified of them too! I'm petrified of needles.

Weirdness #6: i am a hockey addict. as a teenage(this is so embarrassing, why am i admitting this???) life stopped for a Canucks game. the tv would be on, my jersey(#16!!!) would be on, i would even have the radio on and listen to it and the tv commentary(radio was always better!) i have a stash of hockey cards(and autographed pictures and hockey sticks!) that i have hidden away in the top of M's closet. i've always said i would sell it all to pay for the boys college education-don't hold your breath rofl!!

now 6 people to tag lol
okay, so its 3. sue me :p

mom, don't read this

so we are supposed to get slammed again tonight with another storm. it hit -21 here last night with the windchill; i'm not so sure now i still live in BC lol. supposedly our school district has already decided to cancel school for the rest of the week-oh joy. at least with Jim getting home tonight(if his flight from Calgary doesn't get cancelled!) he can drive me to work in the truck.

went to the scrapbooking store today(my birthday discount was burning a hole in my purse lol) and have decided to do an altered tin case for myself and one for my mom for Christmas. i'm hoping to also have enough time(and with the possibility of no school, i should have time) to make her a dozen or so cards to go in it for the year. i'll do a bunch of feminine birthday cards, a few masculine ones, baby, kid birthday's etc. and she should be set

because i'm being lazy today

and haven't done anything crafty like i had planned(but i'm almost finished an excellent new book!)so i'm going to share with you some loverly cards that have made their way to me over the past few days. the rooster card was made by Elizabeth, the Joy card by Melanie and the adorable house of mouse card(there is glitter on the card that didn't show up on the scan) was done by Janice. thanx ladies!

i survived

**edited to add

never have i remembered windows freezing shut in the lowermainland! eek!

what a weekend to travel! Jim and i got to Calgary on Saturday afternoon just before the big snow storm hit BC. Calgary wasn't better to be in with temps hovering around -30 all weekend! when i left tonight, it was an astounding -41 with the windchill!!

we have roughly 18 inches of snow-deep enough that A and J built an igloo and a tunnel in the backyard yesterday(i'll post pictures tomorrow) Dad rescued me from the Abbotsford airport-the drive home was horrible with the blowing snow across the freeway

another snow day here tomorrow-woo hoo i get to sleep in!

i'm it

this will have to hold you over until i get home on Tuesday from Jim and mine weekend away to Calgary. supposed to be in the mid -20s tomorrow(yes MINUS 20) more reason to spend the weekend shopping lol!!

3 Things that scare me

the dark
being alone

3 People who make me laugh

my brother
my kids
my friends

3 Things I love

my family

3 Things I hate

homework time
cleaning the bathroom

3 Things I don’t understand

how my kids can complain they are bored
how Jim hasn't figured out after 16yrs that i like the clocks set 10minutes ahead
how the weatherman can screw up so much

3 Things on my desk

my sewing machine
a chocolate canucks puck
a stack of my favorite cds

3 Things I’m doing right now

watching the news
debating if i should go to bed and not finish the laundry

3 Things I want to do before I die

go to Egypt
fit into my wedding dress(okay, i can't think of 3 things lol!!)
sky dive

3 Things I can do

throw a party(wanna come to our christmas one?)

3 Things I can’t do

ignore clutter
drive a stick shift

3 Things I think you should listen to

My Wish-Rascall Flatts
Found my Way Back-Third Day

3 Things you should never listen to

other peoples opinions
your mother in law
a politician

3 Things I’d like to learn

how to ice skate
cake decorating

3 Favorite foods


3 Beverages I drink regularly

chai tea

3 Shows I watched as a kid

Facts of Life
Knight Rider
The A-Team

3 People I’m tagging


a quickie

i actually started this wallhanging last winter and as you can see, he's not done yet! i still need to quilt it and give him a face. and i'm hoping with posting him, enough of you can bug me to finish him before next winter!

mommy madness

enough with the rain already! even with school, the boys are getting cabin fever and mommy is getting tired of having them complaining about playing in the rain. and why do they beg to go play in the rain and as soon as they are wet, come running inside to complain? *sigh*

older 2 have had way too many late nights lately so off to bed just after 8 for them tonight. told them both they could read until 8:30. last time i checked, ds#2 could tell time. i came downstairs at 10 and he was still reading!! told me no one said he had to turn his light off-argh!!

but than i should complain after reading my friend Lisa's blog posting tonight. i don't dare tell her that none of our boys ever did that lol!!

blog guilt

for having nothing exciting to post! works been insane, things are getting nuts at home with Christmas creeping up(why does is seem to get closer every year?)

don't see allot of crafting time for this week. tomorrow and Friday are my volunteer days at school; and i work Thursday. Jim and i are heading off to Calgary on Saturday-i'm home Monday and he's returning Wednesday. really looking forward to the two of us getting some time together.

do have a picture for you. i made this name tag for an event a few months ago and discovered it today when cleaning off my bulletin board lol

this and that

back to quilting today. thought i would show you a picture of my constant *helper* lol

tonight i started on a Christmas banner that i got for my birthday. i got the background all sewn together and will start appliqueing the pieces down tomorrow. in the second picture you can see the beautiful accents on the darkest fabric. as a side note, don't iron the right side of fabric like that. don't ask me how i discovered that *sigh* the fabric is a very dark blue-almost black. sure shows up brown in the picture. i'm planning on hanging this above our fireplace

i think i'm done

5 days, 81 cards for me, 78 for work and i am done. i'm stamped out. but i am soooo pleased with the work i've done

ps-the snowflake card has stamped i love frosty nights, snowy days and warm hearts

thanx for looking!

someone stop me!

i can't seem to stop stamping lol!! i got my area all cleaned up last night(like the mess i created?) and jumped right back in this morning. i'll post a few of those cards later tonight. i'm glad i've been able to have the time to spend stamping lately. my stash of cards was at an all time low


happy dancing here. completed 35 Christmas cards plus 25 others for a Christmas card exchange and i'm DONE!

here's the 3 designs i did today. not completely thrilled with the red tag card-it turned out allot simpler than i thought it would but it will be perfect for the boys to give their teachers. and the black card, the joy stamp is actually a more cranberry red than the pink it scanned as


amazing how a small break can totally revive you! i walked away from my stamping earlier and came back completely inspired. i made the following 4 cards. the two on the right, i changed the celebrate card into a birthday card and the snowflake card into a winter one(colors don't show up well on that one at all. the background is a beautiful pale blue with hints of green, grey and gold. cardstock is a golden brown. snowflake is stamped and embossed silver with a piece of gold paper underneath)

i'm almost finished now. i have 4 more designs running through my head. and i think i have one for the CST holiday card contest.

i find that once i start, its hard to stop lol


i am soooo uninspired. all the cards i've made today are just *blah* i hate it when you have an idea in your head and when you get it out on paper, it doesn't flow *SIGH* maybe i need more chocolate

bah humbug

had one of those *everything i stamp sucks* afternoons. i did make some very cute snowflake cards but they aren't Christmasy enough. closest thing i got was this *sigh* you can't see it in the scan but i have embossed across the bottom celebration. hopefully tomorrow is a more productive day!

i feel like Noah

is the rain EVER going to stop? *sigh*

another ProD day here-nice that its tagged onto the Rememberance Day weekend. I'm looking forward to getting the rest of the Christmas cards(including mine) all finished up.

check back later and see what creations i came up with this afternoon

on a roll now

was cleaning up my stamping table when i had an inspiration. i had bought this bell stamp last Christmas and just couldn't get it to turn out like i wanted. came up with this tonight. what's funny is that i had this cards already started from last year to use with this stamp

stamping frenzy

did 73 cards for work before i ran out of background paper *sigh* was really hoping i could be done with those cards today.

i did make a few snowman cards inspired by todays sketch from splitcoast stampers and using double sided paper. enjoy!


realized tonight that next week is my nephew's 2nd birthday so did up a quick card for him. i'm not 100% happy with how it turned out but i'm tired and i need to mail it tomorrow so it will have to do.

on a better note, i *finally* finished stamping the other 50(yes 5 0!) wreaths to finish off the Christmas cards for work

i'm an addict

i love buying new ribbons and cardstock. i bought an obscene amount of both yesterday while spending a *me* day shopping. looking forward to using some of my new goodies tomorrow so keep a watch out for some new pictures tomorrow!


spent the afternoon working on mom's christmas cards. think it works now-i added gold ink to the wreath edges and stuck the gingham ribbon on with a pop dot. than stamped celebration in gold across the bottom-i may change that and emboss them to make them stand out more

happy happy birthday

to me! i am hoping to get to spend a majority of this weekend stamping. i've been struggling with the Christmas cards for work. something is missing on them. i'll have to scan a picture later and get opinions!

best kind of treats

spent the morning wandering around my local stamping store to get inspired. picked up some gorgeous papers-the best kind of treats there is. now to get stamping!
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