i survived

**edited to add

never have i remembered windows freezing shut in the lowermainland! eek!

what a weekend to travel! Jim and i got to Calgary on Saturday afternoon just before the big snow storm hit BC. Calgary wasn't better to be in with temps hovering around -30 all weekend! when i left tonight, it was an astounding -41 with the windchill!!

we have roughly 18 inches of snow-deep enough that A and J built an igloo and a tunnel in the backyard yesterday(i'll post pictures tomorrow) Dad rescued me from the Abbotsford airport-the drive home was horrible with the blowing snow across the freeway

another snow day here tomorrow-woo hoo i get to sleep in!

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instant gratification girl said...

glad you got home safely! Crossing my fingers that the kids sleep in late, so you can too! Isn't all this snow pretty!

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