show and tell

 Grab a coffee, it's time for more show and tell!

By Melody.

quilted with Pumpkins

You know how I love a good leaf quilt.

Mitzy does such fun quilts.

quilted with WinterWhite

I love her take on this.

By Hugette

quilted with Flirtatious

A cute one by Sherry

quilted with TimelessHearts

This stunner by Birgit

quilted with a meander


And this one by Shelley

quilted with a meander

By Joyce

quilted with NovayaZhizn

By Agnes

quilted with FlowerChild

I love this modern quilt by Lora

quilted with Rectangle

These fabulous panels by Margo

quilted with Fliratious

This lovely by Kelly

quilted with Dragon'sBreath

And lastly, this one by Nicole

quilted with NovayaZhizn


quilt monday

 It's back to baby quilt making.

 We've had 3 babies born within our circle in the past 3 months and I hadn't started a single quilt for any of them. So baby quilt making time it is!

quilted with Simplicity

You know how much I love orange and blue quilts.


I'm slowly getting over my dislike of pieced backings.
I'm fine with my quilts but quilts I'm giving away?
 Not a fan.

I adore how quick these plus quilts go together.
Have you made one yet?

Happy Monday.


 I've been able to get back to routine and that means more time to quilt.

I joined the Landmark QuiltAlong in January. I started well, got everything cut out and stalled. Part of the stall was I changed my background from a dark grey to Kona snow.

 I got the replacement fabric and still it sat. 

Until the other evening.

I'm still doing my part to support small business. 
This stack of goodies is from Stacked Fabric Company.

I have plans for it this weekend.

But first, 
something else.

quilt monday

Finally, the last of my Christmas quilts!
I posted a few weeks ago about the other half of my Winterville quilt (you can read that post here) and here is the other 'half'.

At first, I wasn't even going to make the houses. But I got carried away with the cutting and here we are lol.

quilted with Christmas Doodle

Turns out they are pretty cute.
I love the trees.

I'll admit it, I'm pretty happy with my cutting mistake when I opened this kit.

A happy little accident.

Happy Monday!

quilt monday

 I'm open about my love for chevron quilts. Especially baby quilts. And using leftover hsts to make another baby quilt? Even better.

I absolutely ADORE how this turned out. The perfect use of leftovers!
And you know I had to quilt it with my favourite, Malachite.

The texture the quilting creates is amazing. 

I found a renmant of a wide back and was able to get two baby quilts out of it. Bonus!

This might become one of my new favourite baby quilt designs, I can not wait to make another.

Onto the next one!
Happy Monday.

playing catchup

 Work has not slowed down and the quilts my clients are making lately have been outstanding! Here are a few of my recent favourites.

Hugette made this beautiful quilt for here sister.

quilted with Timeless Hearts

I love this one by Shirley.
I'm not sure how I missed this fabric line because I love it!

quilted with Latte

By Terri

quilted with Heather

This panto is so old I couldn't find a listing for it. 
It's such a pretty one.

These next few were done by Melody.
One of my favs.

quilted with Linna's Charm

The colours in this one.

quilted with Lilac

So fun!

And this gorgeous leaf quilt.

quilted with Pumpkin Patch

My favourite fall panto

This fun one by Nicole

quilted with Simplicity

How fun is her backing?

How about this beauty by Kelly?

quilted with Chicago

I have a feeling I've shared this one before
 but it's so lovely, does it matter?

This stunner by Jackie

quilted with Latte


And lastly, by Barb

quilted with Maple Leaves

Thanks for looking!

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