quilt monday

 It's back to baby quilt making.

 We've had 3 babies born within our circle in the past 3 months and I hadn't started a single quilt for any of them. So baby quilt making time it is!

quilted with Simplicity

You know how much I love orange and blue quilts.


I'm slowly getting over my dislike of pieced backings.
I'm fine with my quilts but quilts I'm giving away?
 Not a fan.

I adore how quick these plus quilts go together.
Have you made one yet?

Happy Monday.


susan q said...

Yes I love the plus quilt pattern as well. Do you use a specific plus quilt pattern or just anyone on the internet or Pinterest? I am a beginner sewer using a 20 plus handed me down Singer interested in quilting. Of course I sewed many masks and that was good practice. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

QuiltNut Creations said...

This is the pattern I used. It goes together very quickly http://southernfabric.blogspot.com/2014/11/the-easiest-quilt-in-world.html?m=1

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