Christmas is coming

And Hamels has some new kits to play with.

quilted with Winter White

I adore the backing fabric for this one.

I'm hoping Santa leaves this next one under the tree for me.

quilted with Fresco

Absolutely love it!!

This fun one.

quilted with Flirtatious

The stars are beautiful

And because with it this close to Christmas it makes sense to make something for yourself right?

did you join?

I made the cut this time and joined Schnitzel and Boo's InstaGram mini swap.

I've had so much fun stalking my partner the past few days and today I'm pretty sure I figured out what I'm going to make.

Letting the stalking continue!! 

quilt monday

Boy3 got a new bed and from the day the bed arrived, where's my new quilt mom? lol. I took him shopping with me and he picked out the fabric and the pattern; well, a new pattern. He had one already picked out than changed his mind when we got to the store.

The pattern is County Lines and can be found here.

If you think this quilt looks familiar to another one I have posted, you are right. I used the pattern for my Rustique quilt as well and the two quilts look quite different.

The quilt went together quickly; it's a great pattern but those sashing strips created a lot of waste.

quilted with Bright and Breezy

A warm snuggly flannel for the back and he loves it.

photo shoot

We've had some stunning weather the past few days. I took advantage of that and the fact that my boys were home from school for a few days and decided it was finally time to get pictures done of the quilts I want to finally list for sale. How was that for a run on sentence? lol

We went to one of my favorite local parks and set up. Got some great blooper shoots due to the wind. I love the all the cars that slowed.right.down and stared as they drove past lol.

How about that lovely covering of leaves? 

See, just one or two quilts lol.

a holiday

And some uninterrupted sewing time resulted in some more finishes.

I finally settled on a layout for my Elementary churn dashes.

And after discovering another chunk of owl fabric, another owl quilt.

I debated about adding a border but I had the perfect amount of fabric for a binding for this and if I didn't add a border, I just might have enough fabric for another owl quilt!

Now what should I finish up next?

quilt monday

I had a few extra hours the other day at work and was able to get my jelly roll jam quilt quilted(pattern can be found here).

I couldn't be happier with how this turned out. Such a quick, easy pattern and it makes up such a striking quilt. I just might have to make another one!

quilted with Splash
I found a chunk of batik fabric in my stash; there was just enough for backing.

I've been finishing up projects like crazy lately; sure feels good!


I got a FQ stack of Persimmion and Thimbleblossom's pattern Fireworks for my birthday. Can not wait to get going on this!

And I bought a gift. 
Two DrWho quilts coming up for Christmas.

But first, some playtime with a Rouenneries honey bun.

modern fun

Christine is a relatively new client to me. I love the quilts she has brought in to have quilted; these are two of her latest.

quilted with Daisies Galore

Sometimes the simplest quilts are the prettiest.

Christine made this next one for a friend. 
Isn't it fabulous?

Christine wanted a very modern pattern and went with Triangle Tangle.

I love how she used the leftovers for the backing.

Christine, if your friend doesn't want it, you know where to find me lol! 

quilt monday

I love this quilt so much. And the fact that it sat waiting to be made for this long is  a shame; it is so warm and cuddly!

Isn't it lovely?? It's all flannel and I want to be wrapped in it all-the-time lol.

I meandered around all the applique pieces and did some stars in the remainder of the quilt.

I bought the backing for another quilt and changed my mind; it was just too perfect for this one.

Today's my birthday and I am going to spend the rest of my evening curled up in my new favorite quilt reading!

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