snack saturday

"No Melt" Sundae Pie

15 OREO Cookies, crushed (about 1-1/2 cups crumbs)
3 Tbsp. butter, melted
2 cups Whipped Topping, thawed, divided
1 cup cold milk
1 pkg. (4-serving size) Vanilla Instant Pudding
2 squares Semi-Sweet Chocolate, melted
1/3 cup sweetened condensed milk

MIX crumbs and butter; press onto bottom and up side of 9-inch pie plate. Reserve 1/2 cup whipped topping; refrigerate.

POUR milk into large bowl. Add dry pudding mix. Beat with wire whisk 2 min. or until well blended. Gently stir in remaining whipped topping. Spoon into crust. Mix melted chocolate and condensed milk until well blended. Spoon over pie. Cut through chocolate mixture several times with knife for marble effect.

FREEZE 6 hours or until firm. Remove pie from freezer 15 min. before serving. Top with reserved whipped topping. Garnish with maraschino cherry, if desired.

playing catch up

With missing so many days of work, I've fallen behind and trying to get caught up. Hard to believe that I am already booking quilts for October-all my September spots are full!

This is another quilt for Hamels Quilt Store. I have four of these Thimbleberry panels to get done. This one is quilted with Dave Hudson's Surf's Up

another fairy card

I am thrilled that I've been able to sneak in some time for stamping! All three of these fairy cards are for a friend of mines girls. I had sent my friend a card last month and the girls all argued over who got to keep it in their room lol. So I've sent them each their own

wordless wednesday

road trip

We headed off down to Portland Saturday morning. We had a free night in a hotel and wanted to take the kids to the zoo. So a quick 36 hour weekend away ensued(what were we thinking? lol)

We saw interesting traffic lights

Petted cockroaches(okay, not all of us did lol)

Fed birds

Rode the train

Saw some *alive* dinosaurs(they all moved and growled)

Discovered the bestest restaurant

Climbed all through a submarine(USS Blueback) Nice butt shot eh? lol!

And wrapped up the weekend just as the rain hit!

quilt monday

made by A a few years ago

snack saturday

Mini OREO Surprise Cupcakes

1 pkg. (2-layer size) chocolate cake mix
1 pkg. (8 oz.) Cream Cheese, softened
1 egg
2 Tbsp. sugar
48 Mini OREO Bite Size Chocolate Sandwich Cookies
1-1/2 cups thawed Whipped Topping

PREHEAT oven to 350°F. Prepare cake batter as directed on package; set aside. Beat cream cheese, egg and sugar until well blended.
SPOON cake batter into 24 paper- or foil-lined 2-1/2-inch muffin cups, filling each cup about half full. Top each with about 1-1/2 tsp. of the cream cheese mixture and 1 cookie. Cover evenly with remaining cake batter.
BAKE 19 to 22 min. or until wooden toothpick inserted in centers comes out clean. Cool 5 min.; remove from pans to wire racks. Cool completely. (There may be an indentation in top of each cupcake after baking.) Top cupcakes with whipped topping and remaining cookies just before serving. Store in tightly covered container in refrigerator up to 3 days.

thangle me baby!

I'm doing both Thangle Quilts this year through Hamels. One is going to be for my brother and sister in law for Christmas, the other, I'm not sure yet

I have completed the first 8 blocks of the Rambling Rose Quilt I am not finishing it like the pattern suggests(I won't have time to complete it and get it quilted if I wait until December lol) I need to pick up another fabric for my setting stones(corner stones?) for the sashing in between the rows

Here's the first block of the Simplicity Quilt

a public service announcement

So you may have noticed that I missed Quilt Monday yesterday-had a pretty good reason. I had a health issue, ended up in the ER and had minor surgery last night. It was a very very good lesson on not to ignore a health problem. This particular problem has been ongoing for a month-I knew what it was but ignored it. Turned out i ended up with an infection and almost had to have serious surgery. The dr figured if I had waited even 24hours longer to come in, I could have gone septic from the infection. So, if you have something you have avoided going to see your dr about-DON'T! It's not worth it.

I was able to get some stamping done on the weekend(yay!) and made this card. The stamp is from Stamping Bella

I love love love

this card!

snack saturday

Banana Split "Cake"

1/2 cups Graham Crumbs
1/3 cup non-hydrogenated margarine, melted
2 pkg. (250 g each) Brick Cream Cheese, softened
1 cup sugar
1 can (14 fl oz/398 mL) crushed pineapple in juice, drained
6 bananas, divided
2 cups cold milk
2 pkg. (4-serving size each) Vanilla Instant Pudding
2 cups thawed Whipped Topping, divided
1 cup chopped pecans

MIX graham crumbs and margarine; press onto bottom of 13x9-inch pan. Freeze 10 min.

BEAT cream cheese and sugar with electric mixer until well blended. Spread carefully over crust; top with pineapple. Slice 4 of the bananas; arrange over pineapple.

POUR milk into large bowl. Add dry pudding mixes. Beat with wire whisk 2 min. or until well blended. Gently stir in 1 cup of the whipped topping; spread over banana layer in pan. Top with remaining 1 cup whipped topping. Refrigerate at least 5 hours. Slice remaining 2 bananas just before serving; arrange over dessert. Sprinkle with pecans. Store leftovers in refrigerator.

remember last summer?

The last two weeks we crammed in an entire summer's worth of fun. Well, we are doing that again this year lol. As a result, not allot of time is being spent with my sewing machine

Here's another quilt I did last month for Hamels. I'm not a basket block fan, but I love this quilt. It was done all in flannels and I quilted it with fleurs by Dave Hudson

card friday

I have been awarded

this award by Teresa from Stitchin Friends. Than Teresa!

I don't normally work Sunday's

but I did this past weekend. Had to get this customer quilt finished and with leading a group in VBS this week AND having swimming lessons(exactly what was I thinking?), toss in that Jim has been gone since Sunday morning and I've ran out of week!

Quilted with Whatever and a yummy Rainbow thread

wordless wednesday

snack saturday

Strawberry Mousse Squares

2/3 cup boiling water
1 pkg. (85 g) Strawberry Jelly Powder
18 OREO Cookies, crushed
1/4 cup non-hydrogenated margarine, melted
1 pkg. (250 g) Brick Cream Cheese, softened
2-1/2 cups thawed Whipped Topping, divided
3 cups small strawberries, sliced, divided

STIR boiling water into dry jelly powder in small bowl at least 2 min. until completely dissolved. Cool 5 min., stirring occasionally. Meanwhile, mix cookie crumbs and margarine; press onto bottom of 13x9-inch pan.

BEAT cream cheese in large bowl with electric mixer until creamy. Gradually add jelly, beating well after each addition. Gently stir in 1-1/2 cups each of the whipped topping and strawberries. Spoon over crust.

REFRIGERATE 1 hour or until firm. Cover with remaining whipped topping. Serve topped with the remaining strawberries. Store leftovers in refrigerator.

our kitchen reno is finished

Dad and Jim got the sink in last night. Jim still needs to hook up the electrical for the dishwasher and the garburetor and than we are done done done!

old kitchen

new kitchen

card friday

and I think I lost my stamping mojo!

i'm baaaaaaaaaaack :)

Hi everyone! Did you miss me? I am back-and I am feeling fantastic. I haven't been sick like that in years(and I lost 14bs while sick woo hoo)

I got back to some abandoned projects yesterday and finished my Winnie the Pooh baby quilt. Who doesn't love PoohBear?

wordless wednesday

stupid raccoons!
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