quilt monday

 Diamond Ripples.

Have you made one yet? 

Because I want to make this pattern all the time and in every single fabric line.

It makes the perfect lap size quilt. 

The best nap size.

quilted with Ground Cover 

I might already have a spring version using these fabrics ready to cut out too.
Just thinking of all the different colour combinations you could do with this pattern.

I think my favourite part is the binding. 
I used the same fabric as one of the prints in the center of the blocks.

And one of my favourite widebacks for the backing.

As always, this one seems to be my new current favourite quilt.

If you want to make one of your own, we have the patterns for sale here  and I have quilt kits available for this exact quilt.

Happy Monday!

visit QuiltNut Creations

 Have you visited the shop yet?

And did you know, you can shop online? 

We ship worldwide.

Check us out here.

quilt monday

 This quilt.

I ADORE this pattern. 

This is the third one of these I've made and I'm already planning a fourth :)

This is Cluck Cluck Sew's Pumpkin pattern. 

Want one of your own? 
You can find the pattern here.
We have kits available, just not on the website yet.

Anyways, the quilt.

quilted with Pumpkins

How many versions of a quilt can you make before it becomes an obsession? lol

I can't pick a favourite pumpkin because they are all my favourite.

I love sneaking in an unexpected one like the cream and green ones.

The backing fabric was a great match and that fall themed binding? 

Yup, perfection.

Happy Monday!

quilt shows

 We were in our third ever quilt show a few weeks ago.

This was the first show we did, back in October 2022.

April 2023.
 I find that by setting up the booth the same way every time makes set up so much easier.

I loved the way our booth was set up this time. 
We went with a bigger booth this time and I think that really made a difference.

I felt it really showed the shop.

Here's a quick video.

We are in 6 quilts shows in 2024. 
You might be surprised to see where we show up!


 I don't see very many Halloween quilts but recently I got to quilt these two.

This fun one by Karen.

How fun is this?

And the backing is fun too.

Both of these were quilted with the panto Spider Web.

And this one. 
This is fantastic.

I think this was done by Cynthia.
 Correct me if I'm wrong please!

The panto was absolutely perfect.

And how perfect is this backing?

So fun!

quilt monday

 I made this quilt on a whim one weekend. 

And turns out it is one of our best selling kits. 

This is the Grand Beach quilt. 

The pattern is by The Blanket Statement and it is fabulous.

Because the quilt is so striking,
 I wanted to kept the quilting as minimal as possible so I went with straight lines.

Sorry the colours are so dark on some of these pictures, 
the camera on my phone went a little funky.

I went with black for the binding. 
I feel it really settles the quilt while giving it a pop.

If you are interested in a kit for yourself, you can find them here. 
Or if you want just the pattern, you can find that here.

Happy Monday!

busy as a bee

 I have had a burst of creativity, or is it sewing time, and have been extra productive so I have lots to show you.

First up, a Diamond Ripples quilt.

I can not get enough of this!!

Kits will be available in the shop in the next few days .
And I'm already working on a spring version.

This was a fun make.

I started another something.

And my most favourite make that I am working on.
I can not  get enough of this quilt. 
This is the third one I've made.

Hopefully this weekend I can make some of these into finishes!

quilt monday

This is the Vintage Lace quilt by Lo & Behold Stitchery.

 I had seen this quilt so many times on social media that I took it as a sign that I needed to make one for myself.

And here it is.

I really wanted to do the two colour version. While I was putting it together, I was worried it would be too blah. But I love the softness of it.

What I didn't except was the 370 2.5inch HSTs this quilt is constructed with.
370 2.5

They may have been worth it.

I wanted to really quilt this to death so I went with one of my favourite over quilting pantos, Paisley Max. 

I love this funky Madras wide backing. 
This was the last bit of grey, but I have it in browns, blues and a pink.
You can find the wideback here .

Now that this quilt is finished, I will admit I wish I had made it in a bigger size.
Maybe I have another one I'll have to make.
At least the HSTs would be bigger lol.

Happy Monday!

show and tell

There was no slowing down with quilting over the summer. 

Here's some recent client quilts.

This fun coffee quilt by Shirley.

quilted with Latte 

Maxine found this vintage quilt in a thrift store. 
She did a bit of repair on it, added the border and a quilt was born.

quilted with a meander

The hexagons were hand pieced.

Adienna made these two baby quilts.

quilted with Chantilly Lace 

Love how quilting shows up on minkee backings.

Love this one by SaraBeth

quilted with Fanciful Flyers 

This adorable baby quilt by Marianne

quilted with a meander

These next two are by Susanna

quilted with Fanciful Flyers 

If this next quilt looks familar, 
Susanna copied my version of this Old Market Square quilt lol.

quilted with Malachite 

And lastly, this fantastic Canada quilt by Kathy.

quilted with InkBlot

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