show and tell

There was no slowing down with quilting over the summer. 

Here's some recent client quilts.

This fun coffee quilt by Shirley.

quilted with Latte 

Maxine found this vintage quilt in a thrift store. 
She did a bit of repair on it, added the border and a quilt was born.

quilted with a meander

The hexagons were hand pieced.

Adienna made these two baby quilts.

quilted with Chantilly Lace 

Love how quilting shows up on minkee backings.

Love this one by SaraBeth

quilted with Fanciful Flyers 

This adorable baby quilt by Marianne

quilted with a meander

These next two are by Susanna

quilted with Fanciful Flyers 

If this next quilt looks familar, 
Susanna copied my version of this Old Market Square quilt lol.

quilted with Malachite 

And lastly, this fantastic Canada quilt by Kathy.

quilted with InkBlot

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