christmas rush

As in years past, I ended up working longer than expected after our Christmas cut-off date. This year was an exception; we took in 15 king quilts for client quilting. Yes, you read that right, 15!!

My favorite of all the quilts is this first one from Hester. Hester was lucky to get this one; I may have to add it to my want to do list.

Absolutely breathtaking. 

Along with the amount of quilts, everyone wanted the same pattern; Bountiful Feathers.

Nancy's lovely Thangles quilt. This quilt ended up measuring 111x136!!

Kay made this quilt for a fundraising auction.

Another stunner. This time from Joyce.

quilted with WaterCourse

And from Barb.

quilted with WaterCourse

By Susan

quilted with Florina

This quilt by Betty measured 116x116

quilted with Featheration

I love this one by Lori

quilted with Flirtatious

This lovely flannel quilt by Maxine.

quilted with a meander

Another favourite; this one by Chere

quilted with He Loves Me

Jean's lovely sampler

quilted with Floral Meander

Another sampler, this one by Linda.

quilted with Splash

Love this pattern

Lastly, Sharon's lovely quilt.

quilted with Dancing Daisies

Can't wait to see what next year brings!

quilt monday

These were the only Christmas presents I got finished this year. I had planned on two DrWho quilts but those will be done starting Boxing Day lol.

Sweet and simple.

I quilted the A in the ditch

And meandered the background on the E.

Now I have some binding to finish. I didn't finish the Christmas presents but I may have finished a little something for me lol.

christmas cards

For the past 15yrs, I have made and sent Christmas cards. Last year I actually bought cards and people complained lol. This year I wasn't sure if I would actually get them finished but I had last Tuesday off for an appointment and the appointment ended up being cancelled. I briefly(very briefly lol) debated going into work but decided to stay home and get the cards knocked out.
I ended up making 20 of 1 card design(I usually do 4 or 5 designs). This year I wanted to make it as simple as possible. I had originally planned on doing all one design but by the 15th card, I was so done lol.

Over the weekend, I got all the envelopes addressed and knew I needed 12 more cards. So Sunday afternoon was it.

I had no idea that making 12 cards would be that hard(to choose what I wanted to do) or take that looooooong lol.

But the cards are done, family pictures added and ready to be mailed in the morning!

quilt monday

I love owls. Years ago I found the cutest owl fabric so I bought a bunch of it and made some baby quilts. I ended up with leftover blocks and planned on making more quilts to use it up but I was so sick of the fabric that I just shoved it into my UFO box and forgot about it.

I've been working my way through all my UFOs and kits this year and the owl leftovers  were quickly dealt with.

quilted with Loop the loop

I love how it turned out. I ended up having to make 7 more 9patch blocks and sew it together.

I had no more of the royal blue fabric so I matched the dots to a solid and finished those 9patches a little different than the others.

I think my favorite part was discovering that I had an entire bolt of flannel and I didn't have to piece a backing lol.

But the polka dot binding? Perfection!

bake sale

Every December, our youth group has a bake sale fundraiser. The past few years, our youth pastor has had his cake auctioned off. In the past he has done an ice cream cake and last year a Simpsons' donut cake.

This year I decided to have a little fun with PastorG and last Monday I challenged him online with the bake sale. And the challenge was on.

Saturday I made up my favorite scratch cake and got to work. My idea was inspired off a pin I saw on Pinterest, a mustache cake.

I made Jim do the cutting lol.

We made the cake a double layer. In between the layers I did chocolate icing and a raspberry filling; yum.

Icing the cake took almost 2 hours; the layers kept sliding. We ended up with icing everywhere lol.

The end result was totally worth it.

Sunday, I snuck the cake into the kitchen and as our church service started, popped a picture of it up on facebook lol. 
After the service, we all gathered in the church lobby for the auction. Pastor G had made a Sk0r trifle. Both cakes were shown and the bidding started.

Are you sitting down? Because my mustache cake sold for $1200!! Yes, twelve hundred dollars! The trifle went for $500. After it was all over, the youth group made just over $1800 with the two cakes and the other goodies that were donated.

And next year? I  already have an idea ;)

quilt monday

I've been making lots of table runners lately; so quick and easy to whip up and a great way to use up scraps.

This runner was the leftovers from this one. Well, not exactly leftovers. I didn't pay attention to the directions when I made the first runner so I had to make more blogs. More blocks equaled second runner lol.

With this one, I added a border along the sides to make it a wee bit wider for our table. I was going to add a top and bottom border but it was the perfect length without.

quilted with Page Boy

These are really easy runners to whip up. I've made a few for gifts.

You can find the pattern here.

Grab a coffee

Here's a few of the quilts I've been working on this Christmas season. There are going to be some very happy people come Christmas morning!

For Anita

quilted with Lianna's Charm

Love this one by Barb.

quilted with Fascination
By Evelyn

quilted with Seaside

Denise's lovely batik quilt

quilted with Fern Gully

And this Christmas quilt

quilted with Holly Berries

This one by Marion; love it

quilted with Tickle Too

This tractor quilt Elaine made for her grandson.

quilted with Tractors

Helda made this for a teacher friend.

quilted with a simple meander

This gorgeous quilt by Helen.

quilted with Cascade

I love the colours in Marg's quilt.

quilted with Bell Blossom

Nadine's quilt

quilted with Autumn Leaves

How fun is Salli's quilt?

quilted with Swirl

She made it for her husband who just retired from a technical career. Love how she picked the Scrabble words for him.

Bev made these two circle quilts.

quilted with Oriental Illusions

I love how just changing fabric on a pattern can change the look of a quilt so much.

quilted with a meander

Lastly, these three by Sherri.

Isn't this stunning?

quilted with Halcyon

Love the simplicity of this one.

quilted with Flowing Feathers


I did Popcorn on this quilt but around the embroidery, a stipple.

Just too cute!

Now it's off to work to quilt some more!

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