bake sale

Every December, our youth group has a bake sale fundraiser. The past few years, our youth pastor has had his cake auctioned off. In the past he has done an ice cream cake and last year a Simpsons' donut cake.

This year I decided to have a little fun with PastorG and last Monday I challenged him online with the bake sale. And the challenge was on.

Saturday I made up my favorite scratch cake and got to work. My idea was inspired off a pin I saw on Pinterest, a mustache cake.

I made Jim do the cutting lol.

We made the cake a double layer. In between the layers I did chocolate icing and a raspberry filling; yum.

Icing the cake took almost 2 hours; the layers kept sliding. We ended up with icing everywhere lol.

The end result was totally worth it.

Sunday, I snuck the cake into the kitchen and as our church service started, popped a picture of it up on facebook lol. 
After the service, we all gathered in the church lobby for the auction. Pastor G had made a Sk0r trifle. Both cakes were shown and the bidding started.

Are you sitting down? Because my mustache cake sold for $1200!! Yes, twelve hundred dollars! The trifle went for $500. After it was all over, the youth group made just over $1800 with the two cakes and the other goodies that were donated.

And next year? I  already have an idea ;)


Anonymous said...

LOL! Very clever!!!!!

Zanymouse said...

WOW, great job on the cake and raising so many funds! It looks delicious!

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