quilt monday

10yrs ago, I made a few high school graduation quilts. 
It quickly turned into making a grad quilt for each of my friends children upon their graduations. 
And to make the quilts more special, each and every quilt was different.
 I never repeated a quilt pattern.

For each grad, a year or so before grad, I ask the grad or close family members and go from there.

This year marked my sixteenth, and final, high school grad quilt.
And it just might be my favourite. 

This is the Landmark quilt by The Blanket Statement.
I've made one for myself a few years ago, you can see it here.

I knew right away that this was going to be the perfect quilt pattern choice.

quilted with Camellia 

The white is a white on white print, the green is from one of my favourite fabric lines, Nonna.

I so love this quilt! 
The quilting was the perfect amount of softness to take the edge off the flying geese.

I debated between using the green or white for the binding.
 I went with the green to match the backing fabric.

This was one of the few, if not only, grad quilt that I used a non flannel backing.
But this is what I had in stock so this is what I used.

Simply stunning if I may say so.

Happy Monday.

show and tell

 This has been one of my busiest summers for longarm quilting. And there have been some fantastic quilts! 

Here's a few favourites.

Love this one by Karin.

quilted with Figure 8s

So pretty!

These next two are by Susanne

quilted with All that Jazz

Have to be honest, Susanne was lucky to get this one back.

quilted with Malachite 

Isn't it fabulous?

I love this one by Carrie.
Simply stunning.

quilted with Greenery

Fay did this fun one.

quilted with a meander

Linda is getting a start on some Christmas presents.

quilted with Holly Ribbon

This fun one by Margaret.

quilted with Malachite

I love this one by Melody

quilted with Falling Leaves 

Melody labels each and every one of her quilts like this. 
Such a great idea.

Sharon made both of these baby quilts.

quilted with Stars and Loops 

Sharon also did this fabulous quilt.

quilted with Falling Leaves 

This beauty by Tina

quilted with Flirtatious 


Lastly, this fabulous one by Barbara.

quilted with a meander

She made the quilt for their trailer so it is embroidered blocks of all things camping.

How about that detail?

Love it!

Thanks for looking :)

quilt monday

 I have a two for one for you today.

As you know, this is one of my favourite quilt patterns. 

I was able to make these out of scraps which in my books, makes them even better.

quilted with Laurie 

I matched the colours in the blocks to the border print.

Of course I went with a snuggly flannel on the backing.

I love the blue for binding.

This is the second version of the quilt.

quilted with Laurie

The quilts have all the same fabrics and yet look so different from each other.

I love the border on this one.

I used the same flannel on this one and went with a tan binding.

These quilts both were made for Rising Mama Collective.

Happy Monday!

quilt monday

 And we are back! 

Hope you haven't had any trouble finding me again. Have you taken a look at the shop page? It's looking fantastic! There are some great deals tucked in there as well. You can find the store here. 

I posted about this quilt a few weeks ago, that post is here

It turned out soooo good.

I made one of these for myself but I used bone as the background instead of tan. 
It's surprising at how different the quilts look by just changing that. You can see my post about the other quilt here.

quilted with Ground Cover

The prints in this sure do pop with that darker background though.

I absolutely love the quilting on this. I think it was the perfect choice.

I pieced a fun stripe for the backing. 
The quilting shows up amazing on it. 

And that black binding? 

We did a surprise birthday party for my mom last night and I gave her this quilt.

Maybe next week I'll have the other version of this finished to show you!

Happy Monday!


Coming soon!

This website address will be no longer for the blog but for the online store.

The new BLOG web address will be blog.quiltnutcreations.com.

  Hopefully all goes smoothly and we'll be back up and running here next week!

   Fingers crossed we don't lose anyone or anything!

quilt monday

 I had some time to fill the other day so I jumped at the chance to get my Bird's Hill quilt quilted up.

I couldn't decide how to quilt this so I went online and looked up what others had done. 
Straight line quilting was the most popular so that is what I did.

I think it was the perfect choice. 

All the fabrics I used are from the Wilshire Weld line. 
I currently have them on sale in the shop; you can find them here. 

I used another print from the line as the backing. I don't usually do that for backings so it was an extra treat.

I used a blue kona(cornflower) for the binding which matches the blue in some of the prints perfectly.

I have a few paper patterns of Bird's Hill left. 
This was such a fun, quick quilt to make.
You can find the patterns here. 

Happy Monday!

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