show and tell

 This has been one of my busiest summers for longarm quilting. And there have been some fantastic quilts! 

Here's a few favourites.

Love this one by Karin.

quilted with Figure 8s

So pretty!

These next two are by Susanne

quilted with All that Jazz

Have to be honest, Susanne was lucky to get this one back.

quilted with Malachite 

Isn't it fabulous?

I love this one by Carrie.
Simply stunning.

quilted with Greenery

Fay did this fun one.

quilted with a meander

Linda is getting a start on some Christmas presents.

quilted with Holly Ribbon

This fun one by Margaret.

quilted with Malachite

I love this one by Melody

quilted with Falling Leaves 

Melody labels each and every one of her quilts like this. 
Such a great idea.

Sharon made both of these baby quilts.

quilted with Stars and Loops 

Sharon also did this fabulous quilt.

quilted with Falling Leaves 

This beauty by Tina

quilted with Flirtatious 


Lastly, this fabulous one by Barbara.

quilted with a meander

She made the quilt for their trailer so it is embroidered blocks of all things camping.

How about that detail?

Love it!

Thanks for looking :)

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