progress report

Had a great weekend! Finished off my Peace on Earth quilt. There are two spots that I'm not thrilled with the fabrics but I spent almost an hour moving the blocks around and around. Finally decided just to sew it together.

I also got something else finished but I'm saving it for Quilt Monday tomorrow. I'm just sewing down the binding and adding some button touches before it is officially DONE.

I was digging looking for batting when I discovered a forgotten about quilt pattern. Well, it's now together and just waiting a few more quilting touches and it's another finish. I didn't get started on the sock monkey quilt but I'm okay with that. I haven't gotten this much done in a weekend in a long time!

Hope you had a fabulous weekend as well!


Barb said...

I guess you are the only one that know or is unhappy with parts of it because from where I look, it looks great!!

Three Birds Inspired said...

Love the quilt! Did you use "Yellow Brick Road"? The pattern sure looks familiar.

Quiltblocktour said...

Wow what a great layout! I love the way you did it. I am sure it will grow on you! What pattern is that? Can't wait to see more pictures of all the new finished products.


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