I posted in December about these Jelly Roll Star quilts that were a class offered by a local quilt store. I was able to get in on a class this past Saturday.

I have all my blocks together and hope to assemble the quilt top tomorrow on my day off.

I also finished the appliquing of a new snowman quilt.

Now to get the embroidery bits finished. 

I also got the last fabrics I was waiting for to make a quilt for Boy1.
I'm excited about making an all solids quilt and even more that we are using Grunge solids.

Maybe I'll get one of these finished this week!

quilt monday

January 2011. 
That's when the Birdie Stitchery started.

And January 2016 is when mine was finally completed.

I debated about making the white a skinny border and adding a larger border of the binding print. I even had the print half sewn on when I pulled it off and went with the white only.

I love the whimsical feel to these blocks.

I changed my mind three times on what fabric line to use for the jelly roll lol. 
I love the fabric I finally went with. I can't remember the name; Sea something or other.

I couldn't decide how to quilt it so I went simple and used one of my favorites, Flirtatious.

This leaves one more lonely UFO for me to finish off this year. And it's an old one; going on close to 14yrs now! I'll keep you posted. 

quilt monday

I was rearranging my quilts the other day when I realized I never blogged this fall themed quilt.

I wanted a new quilt for the table that was fallish but not totally fall. Make sense?

quilted with Flirtatious Leaves 

I absolutely love the mustard binding.

The colours are so rich and vibrant.
I love the blue block with the stripes.

The quilting disappears into the quilt top but it was a great choice for this quilt.

I've done some repainting since I made this quilt and I love how it looks with the new room colours. Would it be wrong to leave it out now? lol

is there anybody out there?

hello!! Took a wee little blog break without planning on it. But I was using my time wisely. I have kicked 2016 on a crazy sewing/quilting binge and have completed 6 quilts tops!

This first quilt kicked everything off.

This is my Birdie Stitchery quilt that I started back in January 2011(catch up on all my related posts here). I last touched this quilt March 2013 making this my second oldest UFO. Well, not anymore.
Within a day of sewing, I had this finished. I can't believe I had it sitting for that long and a short day of sewing was all it needed.

Next, a baby quilt kit that I caught on a half price sale.

Super cute! And it will be ready for baby next month.

A plus quilt has been on my 'want to do' list for a while now.

I can see a few more of these in my future. So fun to do.

I had another quilt planned to start but while playing on Instagram on night I saw a quilt top and the next day...

I'm at a lost to quilt this and hope to get it finished for Valentine's Day.

Once that was finished, I started another First Crush quilt.

I didn't get a picture of the finished top but I loves it.
I even snuck another finished top in at work and got it quilted; have the binding to finish and I can show it too.

And I'm almost quilt top #7. At this rate I'll finish more quilts in the first month of this year than I did in all 2015 ;)

quilt monday

hello, hello! happy new year! I didn't mean to complete abandon the blog over Christmas but school ended and we jumped full steam ahead into Christmas fun.

Like I have previously said, I made one gift this year for Christmas(and I don't think I even got a picture of the finished quilt lol). I did get a few new things done for me though.

I really wanted a new Christmas quilt; last year I had drooled over Kate Spain's Solstice line and I was thrilled to find some for this year.

The pattern is called Ribbon Star from Missouri Star Quilts(tutorial can be found here).
I didn't make the quilt exactly, I left the sashing out; I wanted the quilt to be a certain size.

I didn't want to go with a Christmas panto for the quilting so I went with one that was similar to the print in the fabrics called Antique Lace.

The quilt has such great movement to it. I might have to make another!

I ended up having almost half a jelly roll left when I finished so I made up a table runner.

Super cute and super simple.

I went with a meander just so I could get it quilted quickly and because I couldn't decide what else to do lol.

I even had enough blocks to make a second one of these. Which I plan on quilting today soon as I make it into work that is :)

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