mom, don't read this

so we are supposed to get slammed again tonight with another storm. it hit -21 here last night with the windchill; i'm not so sure now i still live in BC lol. supposedly our school district has already decided to cancel school for the rest of the week-oh joy. at least with Jim getting home tonight(if his flight from Calgary doesn't get cancelled!) he can drive me to work in the truck.

went to the scrapbooking store today(my birthday discount was burning a hole in my purse lol) and have decided to do an altered tin case for myself and one for my mom for Christmas. i'm hoping to also have enough time(and with the possibility of no school, i should have time) to make her a dozen or so cards to go in it for the year. i'll do a bunch of feminine birthday cards, a few masculine ones, baby, kid birthday's etc. and she should be set

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instant gratification girl said...

ok Rhonda, you are just way too crafty - the creative crafty, not sly! ;) you'll have to take pictures of what an alterted tin looks like and've been tagged again! lol See my blog for all the gory details

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