mommy madness

enough with the rain already! even with school, the boys are getting cabin fever and mommy is getting tired of having them complaining about playing in the rain. and why do they beg to go play in the rain and as soon as they are wet, come running inside to complain? *sigh*

older 2 have had way too many late nights lately so off to bed just after 8 for them tonight. told them both they could read until 8:30. last time i checked, ds#2 could tell time. i came downstairs at 10 and he was still reading!! told me no one said he had to turn his light off-argh!!

but than i should complain after reading my friend Lisa's blog posting tonight. i don't dare tell her that none of our boys ever did that lol!!

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instant gratification girl said...

oh sure! rub it in! They've never literally streaked in the living room?! and what's this? your kids are in bed by 8?! ok, now I'm really jealous!

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