another day

come and gone. made the mistake of thinking i could run out with the boys and get haircuts for them and some groceries and be back with enough time to get some quilting done. what was i thinking?!?!? got home with just enough time to make dinner and race out to see Open Season(cute but no where as good as Over the Hedge) of course peeking(mocking me!) from the mailbox-my SU Christmas stamps *sob*

i've had a few ideas for my Christmas cards running around in my head. i'm madly trying to get my quilted Christmas gifts done so i can get stamping. having a job is really interferring with my crafting time! i've been lurking on different stamping blogs and am sooooo jealous of the beauties that have been posted. i just need time! more time!!

1 comment:

Cindy @ Creating at Home said...

And I take one look at your quilts and am insanely jealous, so there you go!!

What SU stamps did ya get?

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