recent favourites

Enjoy these recent client finishes.

I love this modern one by Nicole

quilted with Rectangle

The quilting is a perfect accompaniment to the piecing.

By Celia. Absolutely adorble!

quilted with Lovely
So soft and delicate.

This gorgeous sampler by Trixie.

quilted with Flirtatious
By Jeanette

quilted with Spilled Ink

I love this quilt.

This fall lovely by Faith

quilted with Acorns and Oak Leaves

This fun cat quilt by Helen

quilted with Hubby Love

This gorgeous quilt by Darlene.

quilted with Folk Heart

The start of Christmas. 
This cutie by Hugette.

quilted with Christmas Doodle

I love this panto.

And also, this stunner by Hugette.
 This one was so hard to give back!

quilted with Kindling


Happy Thursday!

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