quilt monday

I posted a sneak peek of this finished quilt a few weeks ago. This was the only grad quilt I made for 2019(yay). Summer got completely away from me and I didn't get it finishes until Labour Day weekend. When I realized that the recipient moved to university the day before #fail.

I am thrilled with how this turned out. The recipients favourite colour is purple and I really wanted to do a 2 colour quilt and a starburst pattern was the perfect pattern.

quilted with Hubby Love

I didn't like any of the backing choices there was at the fabric store so I went with a black check. A little bold but it showed off the purple bobbin thread fantastically. 

When I first started quilting it, I had chosen a different pattern. I ended up ripping out half a row and went with this one. An excellent decision.

The quilt has since been delivered and the recipient was ecstatic. I made one for each of her siblings and she was thrilled to get hers as well. 

Happy Monday :)

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