my poor abandoned blog

Abandoned for the sake of a movie lol. But the excitement as worn down(almost. I've seen it twice in 24hours) so must get back to the swing of things.

I'm not going to bore you with all my movie premier pictues. And truth be told, it was so dark in the theater(we got to sit in the dark for 3 hours before the movie started lol. Better than standing outside and waiting though!), that the pictures aren't very good. But there are a few to share.

When even watching the commercials for New Moon got me teary, I figured I could be in for a sobfest. So I decorated a kleenex box to bring with me. And than I didn't even use it.

I did have my Twilight quilt which I got a few comments on.

I also brought some vampire teeth. And than I promptly dropped them on the floor *sob* Would have liked to have seen the theater cleaners face when they found those lol!!

I went with a great group of friends. Among them Cindy, Jill, and Andrea. Cindy was smart and brought along some knitting. I had to settle for annoying everyone with camera flashes lol. I think they were all happy when I ran out of batteries ;)

The theater was packed. We were in one of 3 theaters at this complex showing the movie. Ohhhh, funky picture taking.

Than the movie started. And life was perfect.


Peggy said...

Glad you enjoyed the movie - I'm so old that I don't even know what it's all about. Love the new background on your blog, much easier to read.

Di said...

Wahhh, I didn't get to see it yet! My daughter and I were supposed to go see it together, BUT she had to go to a birthday/sleepover party instead! So, maybe next weekend!

Myra said...

My interest in the movie, through commercials, has just developed... I think I will go and buy the books, read, and then have a movie marathon!!! 8-)

Marianne Penner said...

Looks like you gals had a blast! I didn't get to go tonight as I got back from the Jr Youth retreat where I was cooking for 27 all weekend and I was just too pooped! Hope I can go on Tuesday.

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