This post? Well, *the wall* hasn't been touched since. I realized Friday that we were going to have Christmas here with this ugly ugly wall. And that would not do!!!

Jim and I decided that the easiest fix for the wall was to fill the panel edges, sand and paint. We had thought of just drywalling right over the wood but too much dust with all that sanding.

Imagine our surprise on Saturday when Jim was getting ready to start sanding when he discovered drywall under the wood. Really??

Out came the tools and off came the wood.

Happily, the drywall is in pretty good condition. We have some work to do with fixing it before we can paint. Hopefully that won't take too long. The kids are begging every day if we can start putting up decorations lol.

Imagine our surprise when Jim pulled off this piece

and found this.

It confirmed our thoughts that the gas fireplace was a recent edition. Especially when we discovered that the wood paneling continues behind the brick!

It's going to look great when we get finished

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Peggy said...

Your adventures remind me of an old house we used to have, and the surprises we found when we pulled off the wallpaper. I'm sure yours will look fabulous when done - looking forward to seeing the pics.

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