Hello hello!! We(I? lol) survived our 2.5 weeks long spring break. I love having the kids home but I was really looking forward to today; I need some time alone lol!

I didn't get as much sewing time as I had thought I would have gotten but I did manage to squeak in some time Monday. And what did I do? Remade some quilties that I had second thoughts about.

First up, my Lil Twister quilt. It's not actually a redo; I picked up some yardage for the borders and now it is an actual quilt top.

Next, a disappearing 9 patch. I wasn't thrilled with this top; I'm on a rectangular quilt kick right now and didn't like that this one was square. So again, found some yardage, broke out the seam ripper and now we have this.

I will not admit to how many times it took me to rip apart and redo the borders so they evened up. And quite possibly they didn't even up in the end and out came the rotary cutter ;) Regardless, I love this top now.

Next, I started this quilt last week. It's based on a Moda Bake Shop tutorial.

I had the top together than pulled off the top/bottom rows and added in the sashing. Some borders and this is ready for quilting.

Lastly, I do have a finish for you. We went on a roadtrip last week and I love nothing more than binding a quilt while driving long distances. I was able to sneak in a wee quiltie for myself before we left.

quilted with Figure 8
I had wanted to custom quilt this one but I didn't have the time and wasn't able to decide how to quilt it so I smacked a panto on it and called it done.

I still don't love this quilt but it's growing on me. I think, (I know!), it would be better with a lighter zig in the zag (or would that be a lighter zag for the zig??) but it's better than what it was.


Darlene said...

OMG, these are all adorable. The Twister quilt is adorable in Mama Said, Sew. The one with the houses is so sweet. May have to make that one, too. :-)

Anonymous said...

Love them all!! Your "tweaking" really finished them up nicely! Very nice! Hugs, Doreen

Zanymouse said...

I love all of these! A house block quilt is on my list of "One Million Things To Do". I have two questions for you, what size are these quilts, and what is your preferred method of making half square triangles? I've tried Eleanor Burns' method, where you get 8 at a time, and also Missouri Star Quilt Co's method of stitching around the outside and then cutting twice on the diagonal. That one is super speedy, but the bias edges really bug me. You??

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