spring break

Finally spring break has arrived. Looking forward to spending some time with the kids and just relaxing over the next two weeks. As a result, I won't be blogging as regularly as usual. I do have a list of quiltie things I hope to get finished; hopefully that will still happen.

I did get some sewing time yesterday and got my Twister quilt sewn together.

I've ordered some yardage to finish it off so this will have to wait a bit longer to be truly finished.
I also had a charm pack of Comma. I spent way too long yesterday searching online for something to do with it and ended up going with my first thoughts, a disappearing 9 patch.

I used some of the leftover charm squares and did the 4patches in the corners. I wish it was more rectangular than square; I might add a thin black border on the top/bottom to uneven it out a little bit.

Last night while watching The Bible series on History, I finally got the binding on my Christmas quilt.

must blog before this Christmas

Now I'm assembling blocks 15-25 of Granny Square quilt #2. I love lazy days.


BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Both are so cute and excellent fabric choices!

Zanymouse said...

Beautiful quilt tops! I had to laugh at you spending too much time looking for patterns online. I have just fallen into the black hole that is Pinterest.

Anonymous said...

I have found myself adding an additional top/bottom border, or widening the existing border, to get more of a rectangular dimension. Don't really care for the square finish.

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