where did the week go?

I feel like I've lost a week here. Things have become crazy busy; the Christmas rush at work has hit full throttle. The work weeks of 3 days/week are gone. Jim and I are in our church Christmas production. Between our practices and the one that boy#4 are in, we are at church every day of the week except for Fridays. And did I mention that last week we got a Japanese exchange student for two weeks?

As a result, I hardly posted last week. Did ya notice? lol.  I have been busy though. I took a Christmas card class last week; loved it. I had so much fun!! And have almost all the Christmas cards I need for this year.

This is the current state of my sewing room

See that pile of quilts? The bottom one belongs to my sister in law. For her birthday last week. It's at least quilted. And the binding is made. I just have to get it sewn on. And mail it.

I did get a start on my second Christmas giftie. And I love where it is going.

Fingers crossed I get the borders on this week!!

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Three Birds Inspired said...

When you work for a small business and have a family being busy is both a blessing & a curse. And now you are an actress! :)

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