quilt monday

Who would have guessed that a short while after posting on Thursday, I would get sicker. And sicker. Sick enough that on Saturday, Jim took me to the ER; I was very dehydrated and suffering from my first ever migraine(for those of you that get those regularly, my heart goes out to you!)

A few bags of saline later and some IV meds(did you know that when a nurse hits a valve in your vein that you will bleed a lot. lots and lots. wanna guess how I know?). Anyways, I am very happy to report that I am feeling much better(still have minor migraine issues but nothing compared to last week).

Since I had some unexpected downtime, I got caught up on some binding and have something fun to show. I was blog hopping a few weeks ago when I came across this. How could I resist?

why yes, that is my favorite stripped binding you spot

How cute are they?
 I used a double layer of batting so the utensils would pop after quilting.
I kept the quilting simple and went with my water stitch.

And the best part? 

sorry I could not get this picture to turn

I made two.
 One of my followers is going to win this later this week. 
I'll make sure I finish the binding first ;)


Kristi said...

The spoon and fork is just too cute!!

Kimberly said...

Adorable, Rhonda! And so glad you're feeling better!

Cherry's Prairie Primitives said...

So glad your feeling better!! I love it!! Super cute idea!!

Three Birds Inspired said...

Hope they get the migraine situation under control 'cause I know they are miserable. Cute little quilts and you KNOW I love that binding!

Melanie said...

Nothing like a headache to crash the day...yuck...This piece is darling, what a great hot plate at the dinner table.

Elizabeth said...

Squee! That is SO cute! My grandparents had a set of those giant utensils hanging in their kitchen. Love it!

Sorry about the migraine. Been there, done that (frequently). Hopefully you'll be back to your old self in no time.

xo -E

Emily's Mum said...

poor you- sound horrid and hope its a one off. Those quilts are brilliant. Love them.

QuiltSue said...

I am so sorry you've been so ill. I hope you are recovering now though. I love the little quilt, it's such fun.

Zanymouse said...

I'm so glad you're better now! You know things are serious when you have to get hooked up to an IV, yikes! Your little quilt is just too cute for words!

Zanymouse said...

I must be feeling peppy this morning, lots of !!!. LOl.

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