Is mom's birthday. After I quilted my zigzag quilt, mom dropped enough hints about one for herself. I wanted to make one similar but different. Then I saw this blog post and knew I had the perfect gift for mom.

A quick raid of her batik(thanx mom!) and the result is this

I had hoped to get it quilted before today but this took me all.week.long. to piece the top. I got hit with a flu bug on Monday and have spent the last 3 days in bed. u-g-h. On top of that, Jim and I hiked a mountain on Saturday(13kms, 7 hours, I hurt. bad.) so I'm not sure if all I am feeling is overdoing it on Saturday or the flu. Should I mention I forgot to put on sunscreen? Let's add a wee bit of a sunburn into the mix too(today is the first day I can comfortably wear a bra. I had the great idea of hiking in a T-back tank lol).

Anyways, all that matters it that the quilt top is done. And it looks good if I may say so myself!

A big thank you to those on Twitter who encouraged me to go ahead and mix in some Kona with the quilt. I had an ivory batik to use as the solid but I was short 9 inches(grrr) and all I has was the Kona. I think it worked out pretty well.

Now to see if mom quilts it or if I do. 

Happy Birthday mom!


Kimberly said...

Beautiful Rhonda!
Hope you're on the upswing soon... and happy birthday, Mom!

Doreen said...

I really like the color had some good advice on the picks! Feels great to complete such a project....hmmm? Can't wait to see the quilting! and Happy Birthday to your Mom! Hugs, Doreen

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Rhonda Happy Birthday to your mum...fantastic quilt...

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