how fabulous is this?

One of my friends made me the bestest best gift for my birthday. I had an idea she was up to something and she got me good!

You may have noticed that I am a Twilight fan( 2 more days until Breaking Dawn!! WOO HOO!). Anyways, Cheri Lynn got me the best gift ever.

She found a wooden box and repainted it. 

And inside I found these,

Hand-painted Twilight wine glasses.

There are 2 that say Twilight in black. The others have each book title in white then the symbol for each book on the other side. I LOVE them!! 

One of the best gifts ever to add to my Twilight collection!


Andy said...

WOW...perfect giftie for you! I'd be more impressed if I was holding one filled at the moment;)

Zanymouse said...

Yay for Twilight! I was one of those crazy fans camping on the streets of LA for five days. Yup. It was cold and miserable, but worth it in the end because I got lots of pictures with a ton of stars including the Holy Grail, Robert Pattinson!!!! After the red carpet craziness was over, all the fans with wristbands were allowed in to see the movie. By the time I got in the movie had already started, but I was able to see about 3/4 of it. Can't wait to see it in full!

Jill aka neeuqpmats said...

These are amazing!! Did your friend hand paint the glasses for you too???? They are stunning. :)

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