starts and finishes

My church is having a craft weekend this weekend. It's a fundraiser for our Sunday School department. Uninterrupted crafting for 4 hours on Friday night and all day Saturday-woo hoo! I'm hoping to start and complete a king-size quilt.

I was asked to make a door prize. I wanted something I could quilt at home so I went with a striped table runner.

I had enough of this fabric line left in my stash that I was able to back it with the same as well. I love this print.

I have some other quilts that are this close to having the tops finished. But instead I'm going to enjoy some of this gorgeous sunshine we've finally gotten and work on my May Birdie Block.

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Barb said...

I love the runner you created! And I read on twitter that you WON a huge prize pack. I'm glad the fundraiser was FUN. :)

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