December 1st

And I am feeling totally overwhelmed.

My living room has gone from this,

To this.

Hopefully tonight Jim and I can start getting paint on it. I absolutely love how much bigger the rooms look already. And we've(okay, JIM lol) have gotten this done really quickly for what had to be done.

I haven't started any Christmas cards. But I'm ready to go.

I usually have them in the mail December 1st. This year I think it may be a little later. I'm doing only 2 designs and hopefully that will make them go faster. I have nothing planned Friday night and all day Saturday except cardmaking.

And I haven't even started my Christmas quilting.

I have 14.5 quilts to finish at work by the 11th(but it's going to be the 15th lol). Than I can get started on these. I am making 5 of the peace banner and 3 of the fish. And two more projects I couldn't show that are partially started and if the recipient picks at my blog, it will totally give it away lol. The packaged quilt is the biggest project I have to make; that's on schedule for Sunday.

Writing it all down, has made everything seem more manageable. I know it will all get done in time. Even if it means giving Christmas gifts with the bindings not entire finished. Again ;)


Barb said...

I really need to write things down too...I forget way too much.

Can't wait to see the finished room.

Elizabeth S. said...

Good luck with getting everything done!
My daughter and I got together to make quilts for every member of our immediate family. She did half of the blocks and I did the other half and then we put them together and then we split the quilting. Actually we almost finished them but the we had to give them and so they were finished afterwards. But so much fun and loved working on a project with her like that. Hope to do it again.

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