added to my Christmas list

This gorgeous Kansas Troubles Christmas quilt from Hamels Quilt Shop. I told Jim that this is the only thing I absolutely MUST have for Christmas. I love the colors, the pattern, all of it. Just fabulous!!

How cute are these snowflakes??

Quilted with Winter White


GTA mls listings said...

I absolutely agree with you that this quilt is fabulous. Both the patterns and colors fits together very well. I just wonder why it is called Troubles Christmas quilt. Well, 1st December is here and so as is the Christmas atmosphere here. Have a nice day and enjoy it.

Take care,

Cindy said...

I love it too. I love just about everything that Kansas Troubles comes out with.

This is one of their patterns I hope to buy before they're gone.
I love it.
I just finished a wall quilt from a Kansas Troubles pattern. Today I'll quilt it.

Marianne Penner said...

Love it! Hope you get it for Christmas.

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