weekend fun

The past few Saturdays, Cindy has spent garage saling. And coming home and showing off her fabulous treasures. I decided this past weekend, I wanted in on the action too lol

We loaded some of our kids into my van and off we went. Here are some of my goodies.

This cool milk jug tin. I'm thinking of painting it black and I have a flower pot to put on top of it

Jim has been wanting some of these lanterns to hang off our garden shed.

I LOVE this little grapevine chair for the garden. And at 50cents, I couldn't leave it behind

An antique stool to hide in my garden

Fabulous pictures for the kitchen

And B's find


Three Birds Inspired said...

Great purchases!!

Lorie said...

Yah...the garage sales around here don't have cool stuff like that! LOVE your purchases!

Cindy @ Creating at Home said...

Your treasures look awesome in the garden!!

Teresa said...

Its always fun to find uses for things other people just want to be rid of, especially when you get a real good deal. That orange stool looks great in your garden.

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